Song of the…year!

OMG! I am so obsessed with this song by Jeremih and 50 cent “Down On Me”!!!!! Every once in a while there comes a song that after you listen to it over and over again you stop for a second and just think to your self…damn this song is brilliant. This is one of the songs for me at the moment. I love the beats, the chorus, the lyrics and the right people are singing and rapping on it. My co-worker who is in her 40’s tells me to put the dirty song on every morning, which is this and my friend and I literally put it on repeat and blast it while driving around. I can’t get enough of it!

“what you work in Ballyslook at your pysiquegirl you are a beauty well I am a beastthey must have been trippin to let me off a leash”

“she shaped just like an hour glassshe see how fast an hour passedtime flies when I’m on that ass”

This is a funny video that aired on Chelsea Lately. This guy is pretty big on You Tube for lip-synching songs.


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