Man of the Week


Believe it or not but my pick this week goes to Pauly D from Jersey Shore. He isn’t attractive, when you first see him he isn’t the guy that you melt over but watching him for three seasons on TV makes you fall in love with his personality. I am the type of girl who goes for how the guy carries himself, his personality and how he dresses. I don’t care for his looks at all. His body is also the type I love in a guy. Not too muscular but has sick arms and is tall lol. I hate his hair, hate. Guys should not put on gel, ever. I hate when he dresses from Ed Hardy but he has stepped up his style. I love when a guy wears cargo khaki shorts with a black t-shirt and nice sneakers. Love, love!

I enjoy watching him, him and Vinny are hilarious together. The things he says, “yaaaa buddy”. “cab is here” and so many other phrases is adorable. He also seems to be really sweet, he never gets involved in drama, he seems level-headed and hasn’t let the fame and money get in his head. Which tells you a lot about him, even if it’s seeing him on TV. Watching him and falling in love with his personality made me think about characteristic that I would want that I never really thought about. Having a guy that makes you laugh is really important, I am not used to that. The few guys I dealt with would drain the life out of me and leave me with no energy to even think about how exhausting they were. So I am not used to someone who would care to make me laugh instead they would want to get me mad. A guy that is fun to be around, loves to have fun, go different places, makes everyone laugh and that is a good friend to others is the most important thing in a man.

So there is defiantly something sexy about DJ Pauly D, I also like that he isn’t everywhere and his focus is to what he always knew best which is DJing. He recently signed with the Palms to DJ at Las Vegas most famous club and is going to have his own reality show on MTV that is entourage inspired. But he still is need of a complete make over and a stylist but I guess the gelled hair and his style is who he is and he doesn’t to change himself.


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