Couple of the Week

How to die for is Monica’s 12 carat engagement ring from NBA Laker player Shannon Brown? I meannnn, I need this ring in my life. Her tattoo that is somewhat shown is Shannon’s name with a heart in a lock and key.

R&B singer Monica and Lakers guard Shannon Brown met in June 2010 on the set of her video “Love All Over Me“, they got engaged in September and secretly married in November only in front of both of their mothers, the media found out about the marriage in January and they are currently planning a lavish wedding on their one year anniversary in June. Pretty fast, but when you know you know. I like them together. She is a classy woman and carries herself gracefully and is very respected in the industry. Brown is young and on top of his game flying through the NBA setting records with his high-flying shots and is nicknamed “Superman“. I like to see a couple, a famous one at that, that are private and doesn’t care for the media. I watched Monica’s reality show on BETMonica: Still Standing“. I related to her with her struggles and insecurities, she is a mother of two young boys fathered by her ex-fiance rapper Rocko with whom she was in a 10 year relationship that ended a year and a half ago when she found out he cheated. Monica has said thats she has never ever felt so loved and respected by a man in her life and is the happiest she has ever been.

Their love story is really cute and I love that they met in a video set that was about feeling love like never before and the video shows them getting married. I am sure the song has a whole a new meaning and it special for her.


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