Thank you!

Thank you! I just noticed I reached 80,000 viewers! Which is close too a 100,000! Wahooo!!! I am so happy! I really love working on this blog, even if I had less a 1,000 views after two years I would still be working on it. Like I have always said it’s therapeutic and time consuming. I love coming up with new ideas, I love critiquing fashion and sharing personal stories or opinions on certain topics and telling you about different items that have worked for me. My blog isn’t about being negative and bashing celebs, every blog you go to they are covering the same headline topics or being mean and spreading lies about celebs. I never have jumped on that bandwagon. Here you can find many different topics to read about whether its music, fashion, make-up, shoes, technology, books, wrestling, basketball and so on. I am also never mean or say crude things; I use sarcasm and honesty when I have an opinion on something or someone for example my dislike of the Kartrashians instead of cyber bullying, example Perez Hilton and Bossip. My blog is the gift that keeps on giving!

So thank you, thank you!! I hope you enjoy coming on this blog and come back daily, as much as I love and enjoy working on it.


Damita Ro

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