Picture of the day

I thought this was a cute picture of Chris Brown helping his girlfriend Karrueche Tran out of the car. Gosh, he needs to get rid of the blonde hair ASAP!! His girl  Kae is really cute, she is a stylist at a store in LA and they’ve been dating for a few months now.  This is the first time he goes public with a relationship, as much as I don’t like Rihanna  – it has nothing to do with Brown, I just can’t stand her -never have and never will – I thought they were the perfect fit – only meaning that they looked good together with their edgy style and looks. Chris is also an artist and grew up drawing and painting and has always said that a long with dancing it was his therapy growing up in an abusive home. He recently professed his girlfriends love to her in two paintings that he published on Twitter.

Another cute picture of them, she has cute style and I like her dipped die hair. They’r really cute together.


4 thoughts on “Picture of the day

  1. omq , they are really cute together, i think she is gorgeous , chris keep her . i love chris brown soooooo much ❤

    1. I agree Aunjanaye! They really are adorable together..just his blonde hair has got to go!! Thanks for visiting and leaving me a comment, much appreciated! Hope you visit often! I’ll try to have more Chris Brown updates for you!

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