PSA to Chris Brown

I’ma let Chris Brown finish promoting his album but Sisqo had the best blonde hair of all time and Chris Brown needs to give his look back.

I don’t like it, I hate it. It takes away from his sexiness!

In a radio interview he explained:

“I kinda wanted to just be me. I think a lot of people always put me in a certain category they always put me in the box, they say I think he should do this, that or the other and I think really when they realize I don’t care what they think it’ll be a lot easier. What I wanted to do with my hair was just show my creativity, my air, my music, my paintings, it’s just an expression of me. It’s not nothing permanent. It’s just temporary thing. Its just something I’m rocking right now and I am having fun with it.”

About the comparsions he is getting to Sisqo…

“Nothing wrong with Sisqo. A lot of people forget that Sisqo was killin’ back in the day so I’m never gonna diss him, but the inspiration wasn’t from Sisqo.”

About other colors…

“I was thinking about going bright blue, but I figured I’ll just be blonde for right now. I’ll probably go back black in awhile and then we’ll see from there. I might come up with something different crazy later.”

…okayyyy Breezzy, go get ’em. Imagine if him and red head Rihanna are still together, they would look like walking skittles. His album F.A.M.E is getting great reviews and might just be his hit come back album following up to his hit song Dueces that lead to a Grammy nomination, Beautiful People and Yeah 3 X, it drops March 22…but stores such as Walmart, Target will be hard to find his album.


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