Poem of the day

“Ready For Love”

I am ready for love
Why are you hiding from me
I’d quickly give my freedom
To be held in your captivity

I am ready for love
All of the joy and the pain
And all the time that it takes
Just to stay in your good grace
Lately I’ve been thinking
Maybe you’re not ready for me
Maybe you think I need to learn maturity
They say watch what you ask for
Cause you might receive
But if you ask me tomorrow
I’ll say the same thing

I am ready for love
Would you please lend me your ear?
I promise I won’t complain
I just need you to acknowledge I am here

If you give me half a chance
I’ll prove this to you
I will be patient, kind, faithful and true
To a man who loves music
A man who loves art
Respect’s the spirit world
And thinks with his heart

I am ready for love
If you’ll take me in your hands
I will learn what you teach
And do the best that I can

I am ready for love
Here with an offering of
My voice
My Eyes
My soul
My mind

Tell me what is enough
To prove I am ready for love

I am ready

The song is by India Arie. I love it, and at this point in my life I think I am ready for love. I have had my heart-broken twice back to back and it took me a while to let go, the hardest part in moving on was getting past the emotional abuse from one and getting over the affection I never had from the other. It’s been difficult but I finally feel like I am growing into my own, moving on, letting go and living. I never thought I needed someone to make me happy and I just never felt like I needed someone period. I never understood girls that obsess over there relationships and make a man their everything when they get left with nothing. I just always cared and still care about my career, being independent and love can come after. But as I have gotten older I realize it is important to have that companion by your side, I have always felt a lone but I am starting to allow myself to feel lonely. I like monogamy, I don’t jump from boy to boy, I want a man and have my first be my last everything. At this point I want my next boyfriend to be my husband. I want him to already be educated, have a career and has goals which is hard to find these days. I am not the type of girl to settle for looks or for the butterflies as long as he is the right person for me then that is what matters. I don’t search for love, if it is meant to be it will find me at any time and any place. I am just allowing myself to be open, I am ready for love and willing to trust again.  I feel like I never had love from a man, I didn’t get it from my father,  my first ex-boyfriend Mitchell was abusive, always put me down and I tried hard to make him happy and to make him love me. My second ex Joseph was charming, I do believe he had strong feelings for me but it wasn’t enough. He showed me how it felt like to have a man care for you, but his heart belonged to his ex-girlfriend at the time who he ended up marrying, divorcing and to only end up apologizing to me for everything that transpired between us ( lots of hurtful words!) that finally gave me much-needed closure. Then came my third and last ex Steven, who had his way of words, made me feel so loved and truly cared for me and appreciated me even when I was guarded. It was puppy love but it wasn’t going anywhere, I am a virgin..it could never go anywhere. So I was just never worth it, I would always hear “you’re too good to be true” but I wasn’t good enough to love. I can’t blame a man though, sex is a huge factor in relationships but I realize that it takes a real man to respect and appreciate that and I have to believe I will find that one day soon…if not then I will be a 30-year-old virgin that goes to the sperm bank. #justsaying


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