Thought of the day

I am confused is the The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson’s return to WWE for good or is it just to host Wrestlemania? He keeps saying I will never leave, “WWE is my home, my family, where I belong” but what happens if this all hype for his hosting gig and to lure fans in and once its over he leaves again..that’s not fair to the millions and millions of his fans. WWE is not the same anymore, it used to be at its prime in the 90’s up until mid 2000 when The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin and many other legendary wrestlers and entertainers left and as much as we loved and enjoyed them, the truth is…it was time for them to leave. Nothing stays the same. I don’t think they fit in anymore, it’s all about the new guys and WWE is on to the next generation. I think it’s cool that The Rock came back after all these years to host and maybe have a match against John Cena to go with all the hype and excitement for him and him and Cena’s storyline but he is an action hero star in Hollywood and he needs to stay there, that’s his home.

I am also really surprised that Undertaker is still wrestling, I don’t think he fits in anymore either. He is a legend and a future Hall of Fame’r. Same goes to Triple H, but Triple H’s wife is Stephanie McMahon, so he has the pleasure and ability to come in and out when he wants, however way he wants to come back in, who ever he wants to “feud” with, if he wants to win and be the star of the WWE at the moment…point is, he has the power to control his career with the WWE.

In my opinion, there needs to come a time where they bow out, but like any passion you have, it is addicting and it keeps you coming back. Take Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels for instance, but a lot goes into it and just because you are considered a legend it doesn’t mean there is a place for you anymore. I think its brilliant for these legends to come, host a huge event like Wrestle Mania or make a surprise appearance with a fun match to get it out of their system and come back another time. I also want to remember them how and when they left when it was WWF to WWE, I’ll never forget the funny and amazing story lines with Kurt Angle, Stephanie and Triple H, Chris Jericho, The Rock, Trish Stratus, The Hardy Boyz and Lita, the Dudly Brothers, Jackie, Stone Cold, UnderTaker and Vince McMahon, NWO, China, D Generation X and so on. I love the memories I have of them and when I saw them live in action in Madison Square Garden but it’s over for them. WWE is a lot different now and it’s just not the same and frankly, it’s not as good as it used to be.

I think Randy Orton is the face of the WWE now and for this generation, he is what The Rock used to be. They have the same background, same charisma and have amazing entertaining qualites. To me, he took the torch from The Rock and it’s been and should be his time to shine and dominate and to entertain the wrestling world.

I can’t get into it anymore. It’s just not the same, and I don’t like any of the newcomers. I guess I stick to what I know and what I remember. It will never be out with the old and in with the new for me. None of these new guys can ever leave a mark or be legends like the other batch of guys that every single person in the world knows about, even if they never watched wrestling. WWE is worth a billion, so the machine will always run but I no longer have lent a hand to help it keep rolling. I stopped watching about three years ago, the last I got into was with the return of D Generation X and when WWE was trying hard to bring back the good ol’ WWF/WWE days but it wasn’t working.

I also don’t like TNA, it’s full of has been wrestlers from WWE that found a new home, escaping from Vince McMahon and they try too damn hard to be like the old WWF/WWE. Its like spoiled milk, just because its been kept, it doesn’t mean its going to be any better. (….wait, did that metaphor make any sense?)

What do you guys think? Do you agree with me? I have many layers, did you ever think this fashionista grew up watching wrestling and knows so much about it?! LOL


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