Thought of the day

What did you think of the new VH1 show Love & Hip Hop? I like it so far. I liked the intro where the narrator explains what the show is going to be about and introduces the ladies and their different struggles. I love Emily B, rapper Fabolous girlfriend. What she is going through a lot of girls in any situation can relate to. What do you do when you love someone live with him, have a child with him and he shows you how much loves you in..private but doesn’t tell the world about you. You feel he is not proud of you, you’re not good enough to be known as his lady. You know he is out there having sex with other women but you are the one he goes to for emotional support. How do you let go? How do you let of the family portrait that you want for your children and how do you let go of something and someone you feel too weak to live without because you spent so many years with that person. What Mashona said was so true “You can’t stay with some body who wants to be with you some of the time.”

A lot of people were surprised to find that Fabolous had a girlfriend for 9 years, like Emily said “they know he has a baby, but no one knows from who”. She styles him for events but he doesn’t allow her to walk side by side with him and you can tell it hurts her feelings that he never wanted her to be seen with him. She also said “…but he’ll never leave me, I am his family.” We’ll see how it plays out, I think the show is going to cause some tension in their relationship, if they even still have one, we’ll see what happens as the show goes on for 7 more episodes. I am tuned in, it’s about real women, real issues, relationships and about women finding their own self-worth outside of a relationship.


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