Video of the Day

At least when LeBron James disrespectfully bumped into Erik Spoelstra he was somewhat subtle about it.  The same can’t be said for Kobe Bryant.  The Lakers had a tough time beating the Thunder on Sunday afternoon, and Lamar Odom’s poor free throw shooting at the end of the game made things tougher than they had to be.  After he missed back-to-back free throws that could have iced the game and put the Lakers up five, you would think his teammates would give him a smack on the butt and say something like “don’t worry, we’ll pick you up.”  Instead, L.A.’s leader threw a towel in his face.  Check out the video of Kobe Bryant throwing a towel in Lamar Odom’s face!

The Lakers were able to hang on and win the game anyway, but unless that was some sort of inside joke from Kobe to Lamar there’s no need for it.  It’s one thing to get on a teammate about mental mistakes or losing his cool and costing the team.  Odom obviously wanted to hit the free throws. It was rude of Kobe and I had to rewind to see if he started to laugh to show that he was joking but he looked serious. Not cool, not cool.


“I watched this live and what I got from it was Kobe telling him to wake up, get over it and get ready to play defense. In fact, I think you can see him say “let’s go.” It’s definitely not about the free throws. Those guys have been close for years, Kobe was the first player to call Lamar when his son passed away. They know each other well and are friends. No need to make a big deal about this.”


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