Tweet of the day

Haha! I love it and it is so true!! Who would have ever thought that bad ass Pink would never be in the media for a bad rep? She was never into the Hollywood scene, was never seen out partying and stumbling drunk. Never has had a scandal, arrested or in rehab. She makes her amazing music that comes out with hit song after the other and number 1 albums. She hardly ever promotes or does interviews and is barely seen outside other than when paparazzi catches her off guard at times. She has been married for 10 years and is now pregnant with her hot hubby Carey Hart. She never allowed the media and her managers to label her as something she isn’t. She has always been honest about her life, her past struggles and to her fans.  She wasn’t the All American Girl like Britney and Christina. She spoke her mind and was who she was. She wasn’t pretending to be anything like the other two and many other artists do that backfires on them later on. She has been, still is and will always right her own music, sing live on all of her shows and not let anyone define her. Everyone does things, acts out or whatever no one is perfect, but she has managed to stay away from being in the media. That’s why along with Beyonce, they have my respect and are my all time favorite artists ever.


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