Oscar’s Fashion Hits & Misses

Hit: Mila Kunis looked beautiful in a lavender lace Elie Saab, same dress Halle Berry wore a few days ago that I chose as my look of the week.  I love this dress! If it were in white, it could be pulled off as a wedding gown! I’m in love with the color. I’m not crazy about the hair and the earrings should have been a bit bigger and a color that pops.

Miss: Jennifer Hudson looks beautiful, just as she did before her weight loss. This Versace tangerine halter gown doesn’t look good. In fact, it looks cheap and outdated. Her boobs doesn’t look good with it and it isn’t a flattering dress. For someone who lost weight she should have gone with something tight and sexy with big wavy hair, fierce make up and just make a splash.

Miss: Scarlett Johansen in a burgundy lace, backless Dolce & Gabana gown. I don’t like this at all, her hair, the dress..nothing is working for me. I don’t like the details at all and her new short hair isn’t styled nicely with it.Scarlett needs to bring her sexy back now that she is divorced for whatever reason from hottie mchottie Ryan Renolds.

Miss: Oscar winner and mama to be Natlie Portam is having a great year but she is missing a good stylist. She has not a a good fashion moment so far with all the award shows and events she has been going to this year. I thought the Oscars would be that night but I was disappointed. There is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman and there are so many beautiful gowns to wear while pregnant. She wore a Rodarte dress, I love a off the shoulder empire-waisted gown, especially on a pregnant woman like Catherine Zeta Jones wore when she wore her Oscar 8 years ago. Her hair looks horrible, with this dress or a different one this hairstyle should never be worn. The earrings are ugly and matches with her dress, just like the hair, it doesn’t fit in. The heels are out dated, fugly and again it matches her with dress. I also don’t like the make up. The dress would have looked good with peep toe silver or gold pumps, chandelier earrings and hair done up half up and half down or just in a wavy bun and the make up with a little drama on the eyes. It’s the Oscars, her first nomination and she won, she knew she was going to win so why not glam it up!!

Hit: What a whirlwind year it has been for Sandra Bullock. Just last year at the Oscars she won her first statue and in her speech tearfully thanked and professed her love to her husband to just two later be in the midst of one of the biggest Hollywood scandal. She looked somber that night and I’m sure knowing how everyone has a soft spot in their hearts for her. Bullock looked beautiful in a Vera Wang gown. I don’t red lips with red dress but she pulls it off because it isn’t a bright red. I like her hair and her make up was on point, it couldn’t be too done up with a bold dress like that and her colored lips.

Hit: Halle Berry looked beautiful in Marchesa. When does Marcehsa ever disappoint? It kind of has a wedding gown feel to it but it is beautiful. The details and how it fits her perfectly. Again, I hate her hair!


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