On the road again!

I’ll be on the road again! The past few months I’ve traveled more than usual. Normally I just travel two or three times a year. I have always loved to travel, who doesn’t?! I wouldn’t mind having a job that would allow me to travel often. (geez, how many times did I say travel!)

Today I’ll be going to California again for a few days. It was a random booking, wasn’t too expensive so I figured why not!. I’ll get to catch up with family since I last saw them in August and enjoy the beautiful weather for a few days before I come back to working 9-5 and going to night school from 7-10pm! I am dreading it but keeping busy makes the days and months go by so fast.

Oh! As promised I will include pictures of my Nevis, St. Kitts vacation soon! I’ll tell you all about the amazing hotel, wonderful experience I had and the story on how I got thrown off the horse!

Do you guys love to travel? If so, what was/is your favorite vacation destination? Where’s your favorite place you never get sick of visiting? Mine is Miami, I can never get tired of going there and I won’t be satisfied till I move there already!

I won’t be bringing my net book with me like I normally do when I travel. I need a break from it anyway so I’ll catch up with you guys when I come back next week. Don’t miss me too much 🙂


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