VH1 Scores with Carmelo Anthony

The 10-episode serious will chronicle the basketball star’s move to NYC with his wife to join the Knicks.

On the heels of his headline-making trade to the New York Knicks, VH1 announced a green light for sequel to its Carmelo Anthony/La La Vazquez docusoap. The 10-episode series will chronicle Anthony and his wife Vazquez’s move from Denver (where Anthony was a star Nuggets forward) to Manhattan.

La La’s Full Court (which is still a working title) began shooting last month and is targeted to bow in August. The couple’s first VH1 show, La La’s Full Court Wedding, aired last fall to huge ratings. The docu-series, which began filming  in January, will continue where LaLa’s wedding left off with she and Carmelo preparing for a sudden move to New York City.

So what can we expect from the bubbly tv personality this go round?  Viewers will see LaLa adjusting to her new life as a wife, dealing with parenting issues and juggling her busy acting and television hosting career.  And VH1 confirms there will be appearances by LaLa’s famous friends, including 50 Cent , Kelly Rowland , Trina, Serena Williams and Ciara .

When asked about the show, Jeff Olde, EVP of Original Programming and Production at VH1 said,

“Viewers connect with La La because despite the fairy tale wedding and NBA star husband, she is a real, down to Earth, hardworking woman who stays true to herself.  The best thing about the new series is that while pursuing and realizing her dreams, La La gets to take us back to her home in New York, where her story began.”

And to get viewers excited about the new series, LaLa will be participating in a live chat with VH1 on Twitter during the 7pm and 11pm encore broadcasts of “LaLa’s Full Court Wedding” on Sunday, February 27.  Viewers can join by following @LaLa and @VH1, and via the hashtag #FullCourtWedding.

Via, The Hollywood Reporter



I loved the show about their wedding. It was done tastefully and it was a docuserious instead of fake reality TV. This actually sounds like a good idea to document. I know fans will be tuning in to see what goes through the star’s mind once he gets traded to another city and to see how his wife juggles all the stress that comes with the moving. I’ll defiantly be tuning in. Are you? This sure is the Anthony’s year, they had a huge wedding with a successful tv show documenting the planning of it, her new job offers, their new house in LA, the trade that has them back in their home towns where both their families still live and are 65 million dollars richer. You go La! I like them as a couple and they represent two hard working adults without all the drama and scandals and truly show the meaning of “Behind every great man, there’s a great woman”

By the way, check out this nice commercial for Carmelo Anthony:


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