Love & Hip Hop

Above is your first look at VH1’s upcoming docu-series Love & Hip Hop, which premieres Monday, March 14 at 10:30. Above, you’ll see the cast including Swizz Beatz ex Mashonda, Jim Jones‘ girlfriend Chrissy Lampkin, Fabolous‘ girl Emily Bustamante, the former first lady of G-Unit Olivia, and Somaya “Boss” Reece.

You know I’ll be tuning in! These days it seems like a woman gets a career in reality TV, fame and fortune for getting an early retirement plan by marrying, dating or having a baby by an athlete or a rapper.

My favorite is Emily, rapper Fabolous long time girlfriend of 8 years and baby mama of their 3 year old son. I follow her on Twitter and have spoken to her a few times. She’s very sweet, doesn’t talk about him or use his name to get ahead and further her career in styling. (she is also his stylist) Someone has asked her if it bothers her that he stopped following her and she replied with “i actually blocked him, haha”. Her story is something many women can relate to, do you let go of the man you love that you have a family with because of his cheating and can’t seem to change his playboy ways or do you just let go of him and the family you always dreamed of and wanted for your children. We’ll see how it plays out and more of her and her relationship with the rapper. Check out my previous post about them, that received many hits “The woman behind Fabolous”

Are you going to be watching?


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