As my readers know I love interior design and looking at homes. I’ve done a few posts about it. Just like clothes I love putting pieces together and seeing what I had envisioned come to life. Just like I have my wedding planned out, I already know what my house is going to look like. Can you tell I like to plan ahead? I don’t like huge mansions, it’s not cozy and it doesn’t feel like a home to me.What I like about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Lisa Vanderpump’s house is that even though it’s a mansion, she managed to make it a comfortable home.

I love her house but there are certain things I would change. I love the white decor it is such a calming color in a house it also has a South Beach vibe.

I mean…how unreal? Can you imagine calling this home?

The entrance is beautiful. I love a waterfall in front of a house. I don’t like the cars parked there, it should be on the side somewhere.

The decor could be a bit better however I do love the vibe of this room. It’s very cozy and I am loving the couches and pillows.

The best place to have a dinner party! I love it!

I mean….do I even need to comment about this? This is only her shoe and bag closet. The Hermes, Chanels, Louboutins…I can live and die in this space! Every fashionista’s dream. I like that she doesn’t have too much of everything, some rich folks just buy all these expensive things just to have them and they never wear them.

Love! The pink flowers, the white chairs and the white curtains..I am loving it. This is a perfect place to wake up too, drink coffee or read a book. It’s very serene, feminine but not too girly.

Check out her website, seems like she loves her house a bit too much. She has pictures and a tour of her home :

And real estate homes in California, I can spend hours browsing the pictures of the homes.


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