Picture of the Day

Continuing on with the theme of basketball:

You all know how much I love Kobe and the Bryant family. I think his wife Vanessa is very beautiful and I love how low-key she is, unlike other Basketball wives she isn’t after the fame and using her husbands powerful last name to have a spotlight on her. She plays the role of wife of a star athlete perfectly. Kobe isn’t seen outside of the court or at the few basketball related events he attends. When he is spotted he is only out with his family. When I went to California in the summer I was surprised to find out that Kobe lives in Orange County, away from Los Angles. He is always spotted at the local mall Fashion Island and at Disney Land in Anaheim.

Anyone can see how much Kobe loves and lives for his family. His love for his girls Natalia and Gianna is evident and the love they have for him is apparent as well. I adore when I see him and his little girls. Photographers always manage to snap precious and beautiful moments of them. The pictures above is of this weekend and how adorable is it?!

Here are just a few out of many great pictures of him and his girls, you can Google Kobe and his daughter. It’s so nice to see a father and his daughter together, I just think it’s amazing to see a man be a dad and be there for his children, especially when it comes to daughters. It melts my heart, something I never had, love to see and wish I will have for my future daughter and husband.

I kind of went a little bit over board with the pictures! It should be pictures of the month! There was more but I had to stop at one point!


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