The men of the All Star

Kobe Bryant attended his 13th All Star appearance and got his 4th MVP after scoring 37 points and is only after Bill Russell for the most MVP’s. Jordan has 3 All Star MVPS and 6 Championship rings and Kobe got a fist full of 5 ringsso he is on his way to beating Jordan’s stats. Kudos to Bryant! A living legend at just 31 years old. He always looks good but I am tired of seeing this look on guys. Diddy wore out the leather jacket, t-shirt and jeans look. Kobe also is a fan of this look but it’s nice to switch it up a bit.

Now these men brought the heat to the carpet and on the court of course! Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade and Lebron James looked dapper. Very handsome, I love a man in a fitted suit. My favorite is Lebron.

Blake Griffin won the NBA Slam Dunk contest. I just found out he is only 21 years old! My age! That’s amazing especially with all that he is accomplishing already. He looked very handsome, I also love this look on guys. They can never go wrong with grey or black or both together!

Carmelo Anthony clearly loves fashion and loves dressing up, which I think is cute for men to do. I usually like his style but with this look I am not a fan of. It’s just too much. I love the green trench coat but I don’t like that he paired it with a mustard colored shirt and pants. The belt is ugly and so is the tie, to much prints. In a few days we will find out where Melo is heading, it’s been much anticipated and speculated about where he will end up. Everyone including myself is rooting for him to come to the Knicks so we shall see. He is from NY and he will be a hometown hero if he does come here, he wouldn’t love all that attention and recognition?

I just threw this picture in…how crazy is it?! I love it! All the attention is on Melo!

There was soo many different events this past weekend for the All Star festivities. I am not even going to attempt to post the pictures, talk about the fashion and the b-ball players stats. I’ve just included a few pictures. I am sure you’ve seen many of them floating all over the gossip sites.

Here is the REAL basketball wives:

I love these two together! I think Savannah is beautiful and classy. She embodies the type of clean, wholesome, supportive woman that an athlete of Jame’s nature needs by his side. We never hear from her, only see her when she attends certain events with him and there is never any scandal about them. Savannah and LeBron were high school sweethearts. They’re not actually married yet, but they have two sons together, LeBron James Jr., 6, and Bryce Maximus James, 3. LeBron was Savannah’s first serious boyfriend.

I love these two together also! I also think this picture is adorable with the way he is looking at her. They still look in love after all these years and all that they went through with the infamous cheating scandal and numerous miscarriages. She is also another NBA wife I love, like Savannah I don’t think I ever heard the both of them speak. She keeps a low profile and has remained classy. She is the most famous and known NBA wife and we still have yet to read about her in interviews, see her out where the paparazzi is and she has turned down TV offers such Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Orange County, photo-shoots and exclusive interviews. You only see her by his side or at his basketball games even sitting far from court side.

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-5587" title=" on February 19, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.” src=”” alt=”” width=”380″ height=”600″ />

Dwayne Wade went through a public nasty divorce battle with his scorned crazy wife. He has been with actress Gabrille Union for a few years now. They didn’t come public with their relationship till recently. They look so good together!

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony..finally! They were together for 7 years before finally getting married this past summer. Their wedding was documented on VH1 for LaLa’s Full Court wedding. She was known before being in this relationship for gigs as radio and TV host. I like her and I love them together as well. She’s remained classy, humble and is still supportive of Melo and attends his games with her busy schedule that has her going back and forth to LA and Denver. They have a 3 year old son and she has a gigantic engagement ring. We started to see and hear a lot about her recently, beside her work on radio and TV she never really tried to be on the spot light she would only attend with Carmelo at his events. But since she became best friends with Kim K is when she started to get spotted around everywhere in LA, magazines, interviews, reality show and has become a celebrity in her own right.


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