Flops of the week

Diane Kruger wore a bejeweled laced Dolce & Gabana mini dress and Brain Atwood pumps. I love the dress and I love the look but it is really is mini.  It is too too short, should be two inches longer.

Khloe Kardashian-Odom…like I always say chick needs a new stylist ASAP. Not only does she not know how to dress she doesn’t dress to flatter her body. She wore these Dolce & Gabana leggings. This look is a major flop. She can do so much better.

What makes her think this dress looks good or is flattering? She sticks to the same style, turtle neck mini dresses, black leather leggings and leather thigh high boots. She needs to switch up her style, she is not fat at all but people think she is because of the unflattering outfits she always wears. Her hair, her make up..everything needs a major makeover.

Kim Kardashian looks for any event to attend too, those heels does not go with the leather leggings at all. The Stella McCartney coat doesn’t belong in this outfit. Her hair is too dressy for this simple outfit, whats up with the Snooki-poof? I would have styled the coat under a mini dress and nude colored pumps with hair in a hih sleek pony tail.

Megan Good..this is not a good look at all. What is this? Too much going on and it’s a hot mess. The hair, the make up, the bra, the laced top, the ripped up mini shorts, the tore up leggings and the boots. I mean..seriously?! This laced top would look good with the right black bra and a tight high waisted mini skirt and black heels.

Jennifer Lopez decked out in Gucci head to toe. I don’t like it. The heels are so 2000 and they look cheap. The clutch doesn’t mix well, there is a lot going on and it looks like she is trying too hard. The top is cute, I would have styled it with the belt and a black mini skirt with pumps and the hair would be in a pony tail full of waves.

Nicole Richie wore a mini dress with black stockings and Christian Loubotin booties. I like this look but I don’t like shoes with it. Just regular black pump would do, and I don’t like House of Harlow necklace. It doesn’t flow with the top, it looks better without any jewelery.

Leann Rymes wore an embelishhed Tony Ward gown. This isn’t a flop it’s a beautiful dress but the hair ruined it. It should have been in waves and tied up in a low messy bun with silver simple earnings.

Katy Perry in Nicholas Jebran haute coutre dress at a pre-Grammy event. This isn’t a flop either but her also ruined the look, as did the make up. The hair should be in long full curls and styled high up, half down with stud earnings. The make up should be light, thick eye liner on the upper eye lid, lots of mascara and nude lips.

She should have worn this dress instead of the Armani dress she wore at the Grammys….


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