Loosers of the week

The walking trash bag Angelina Pivarnick from Jersery Shore got engaged a few days ago. Her boyfriend of a few months proposed to her on the red carpet. Oh, how sweet….What in the blue  effin hell? I am only talking about this because if a girl like her can get engaged and gets a 3 carat ring, there is hope for all of us ladies.

These stupid reality TV “stars”. *shakes my head* This goes in a bag of what the f*ck!?!

Via: Radar Online

“Making for quite the surprise, reality star Angelina Pivarnick received a marital proposal from beau of a few months David Kovaks at New York Fashion Week on Wednesday (February 16).

The “Jersey Shore” babe and her man were at the Sachika Fall 2011 fashion show at Style360 when he got down on one knee to ask his lady for her hand in marriage.

Describing the scene, a source told Us magazine, “David got down on one knee and asked for Angelina’s hand. The ring is platinum and 3 karats.”

Meanwhile, another insider dished to People, “She was completely surprised [and said], ‘Are you serious?’ She looked really happy and shocked.”

The source added, “She covered her face with her hand and dropped ring on carpet because she was so nervous. He then picked her up and they hugged and kissed.”

Oh yeah she was shocked, this was a stupid stunt that nobody cares about (I don’t care, my excuse of this post was to give you ladies hope) to get a reality TV show. It’s all about having your own reality TV shows these days, no need for real talent or a purpose. Who do they think they are? Why do magazines and news outlet continue to cover them? The stupid media doesn’t care more about the REAL talent and artists any more. So please honey, we have learned from the Montag, Pratts, Lohans and Kardashians about calculated fame-whoring moves. Good luck getting that reality show, your claim to fame was looking like a classless hoe bag that literally believed that she was the (in her own words) the “Kim Kardashian of Staten Island” and coming to the Jersey Shore house with trash bags instead of luggage and being cringing to watch because she is so damn irritating. And for thinking she is somebody for demanding thousands of dollars to appear at events and shows and being known as a diva.  Go sit down and get lost somewhere in Staten Island.

UPDATE: Via Perezhilton.com

Gross. But we suppose this is to be expected from the Staten Island Dump!

Although former Jersey Shore castmember Angelina Pivarnick was reported to have gotten engaged on the red carpet of a New York Fashion Week event to fiance Dave Kovacs, sources have come forward to admit that the entire thing was nothing more than a publicity stunt, and the pair not only attempted to use it as a means to get back on the smash reality series, but that he doesn’t even LIKE her!

The insider revealed that Kovacs just wants to be famous, and Pivarnick is using him to try and secure a reality show – as well as his apartment and his Porsche – while she secretly dates a Staten Island firefighter!

They explain:

“They aren’t even friends on Facebook. The whole thing is weird. But Angelina is also seeing this guy Ivan, a firefighter from Staten Island. The day she got engaged to Dave, she put photos of herself and Ivan together on on her twitter with their shirts pulled up leaning up against each other in his bedroom.”

However, it appears that Kovacs must have realized he was in over his head, because merely hours after he proposed, he sent a text to the source claiming that the guidette is “a bad evil person.”

Wowza! A little harsh, don’t you think?! Especially from someone who was willing to get into a fake relationship just to leech on to her long-expired 15 minutes of fame!

The saddest part of this whole mess is that they actually thought this would help them get a reality show!



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