Handbag of the Day

This is a bag from ZARA and it’s called Printed Fabric Shopper. When my cousin’s wife came to NYC for a visit a few months ago she saw this bag online and she went crazy to get it, she called the ZARA stores in the City and asked if they had it until she found one in Soho that did and they placed it on hold for her and we hopped on the train to get it. I loved it but you know how it is when you don’t want to look like you want the same thing as your girl. So when we went to the store she picked it up and they didn’t have any more.

I have a bad habit of shopping online and browse around, so I was looking at ZARA’s website and I saw the bag! I called the store close to my moms job to see if they had it so they can put it on hold for her to pick it up and after 20 minutes on hold they did and my mom is now on her way to get it for me! Basically, this bag is meant to be! I have an obsession with over sized handbags. It’s just one addiction I can never be cured from. I would spend every last penny I had on a bag, no matter the cost I would not feel guilty. It’s just my guilty pleasure. I have all bags from colors, style and sizes. My friends call me the bag queen and always ask to borrow one of them and that’s the one that I polity decline but I make sure to tell them they can borrow anything else they want.

I love animal print but I don’t like them to be loud. This bag is suttle and it’s adorable. I can wear it to travel or to school. Do you like it? Is it worth my cousin and I obsessing over? By the way, this big is only..only..ONLY $29.oo!!!


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