Artist & Song of the Week

This week I choose Jennifer Hudson’s new single “Where You At”. What an amazing voice! I love this song, anyone can relate by feeling disappointed by someone who you thought will always be there for you, whether it’s a parent, friend or significant other. When you’re up, everyone is around you but when you’re down..there is no one to be found. You find yourself going through whatever you are at the moment, by yourself. You just feel alone and that no one cares. I go through that feeling everyday and it sucks. You just want to believe that there is someone that you can always go to, that cares enough about you to listen to you, hear you cry and comfort you when you need it most You want to know in your heart they will never let you down.  I’ve been let down so many times, by my father, mother, cousin, aunt, boyfriend and friend. Maybe I am someone that is hard too love or maybe I’m just not someone not worth loving.

“You said when the storm came
That you would be there with your umbrella to block the rain
And you said you’ll protect me from heartbreak,
pain last loneliness and misery
You said you’ll tear down the walls
that would end the way you promise things would be okay
and I stood there in the freezing cold and I waited for you but you never showed

Those false promises is much like fake names
you painted a picture for me but there was no frame
You made my future look bright and I believed every word
I went to sleep in the cloud and woke up in the dirt
And now I’m without shelter and the wind is blowing
you said you would be there for me boy when the tough got going stand in front of me
would be the one to set me free
Thought you were my hero but as it turned out you were no show”


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