Quote of the Day

On being considered a style icon:

“I get shy when I hear that term. I don’t know…my first response would be thank you for giving me that compliment but that’s not how I look at myself though. To be honest when I am getting dressed every day I really just go for what I am comfortable in. I wouldn’t necessarily look at it as people imitating me. I think that other girls, especially a lot of young girls, find that relatable. You just want to be comfortable with your body and comfortable with yourself.”

On the fashion industry:

“I have a respect for designers because this is a new business for me and it is truly so much work. I was so much respect for people that have had their lines really last throughout the decades and through different trends. I really respect anyone in that league.”

On naming her two lines after her daughter:

“It’s actually just a coincidence that both lines have her name in them. The lines are not dedicated to her. It’s nothing more than I just love the two names together. I think it’s a beautiful name. I came up with it obviously! So I am getting as much use out of it as possible.”

On other celebs style: “Obviously Lady Gaga is not someone that I dress like but I admire her courage and her boldness. I just think that that’s really cool. Beyonce is not someone that I dress like either but I think that she really owns her own look and I really admire and respect that.”

– Nicole Richie, in Remix magazine December issue


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