Engagement Bling!

I honestly don’t know what the point of this post is but I’m just going with the flow, I’m running out of ideas here!

I think Tony Romo and Candice Crawford is so adorable together! There are some couples that look like they are meant for one another, and there are those that make opposites attract look good. He dated Carrie Underwood, Sophia Bush, Jessica Simpson and now he is engaged to another beauty, a beauty queen at that (she was Miss. Missouri and is Chace Crawfords younger sister) Candice Crawford.

I read this interview with the two of them on Ok magazine and I thought it was very cute and they just seem to fit together:

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo couldn’t be more excited about his upcoming wedding to Chace Crawford’s sister Candice Crawford. “She’s just down to earth and has a good heart,” Tony, 30, tells OK! of his future bride, a former Miss Missouri who until recently was a local sports reporter in Dallas. “She gets along with anybody and anytime you meet her you can’t help but just enjoy being in her company.”

Candice says she loves Tony’s smile but what really sealed the deal was his spiritual side.

“Something that was always most important to me was finding someone that had the same beliefs and faith as I did and as soon as we had talked about that and shared those types of feelings of outer faith, I think that was when it was a definite deal breaker,” she explains.

The couple began dating in September 2009, two months after Tony broke up with Jessica Simpson the night before her 29th birthday. But when Candice’s birthday rolled around, she had nothing to worry about. Tony proposed on Dec. 16, 2010 at her 24th birthday party in Dallas and it’s been a whirlwind ever since.

“I’m pretty laid back about stuff,” Candice said of wedding planning decisions. “There’s certain things I’m picky about but then there’s things I just don’t care (about). I don’t care what type of shape the napkin is, I really could care less. You don’t think about the things you have to make decisions on! Wedding planning is definitely taking on a job of it’s own.”

Luckily, they’ll have a little help in the form of celebrity wedding planner Todd Fiscus, who also planned New York Giants quarterback Eli Mannings 2008 wedding to wife Abby in Cabo San Lucas.

“He’ll do some good stuff,” says Tony, who plans to get involved in the music selection.

“It’s one of those things you look forward to when you were five,” Candice says. “I haven’t even had the big meeting with designers to show me all the stuff so they’re kind of concocting something in their heads and I’m sure they’re going to make it way beyond anything I could think of.”

Although the wedding planners take off some of the pressure, Candice decided to take time off from her job to focus on the wedding. But she’s not giving up her career yet.

“I’m still kind of a workaholic but just in a different way,” she says. “Broadcasting breeds a different type of work: stressful, deadline oriented. So it’s nice to have a little break for sure but I still feel really busy and I know I’m going to want to go back to work after the wedding and everything because I know I’ll miss it for sure.”

Adds Tony: “She’s taking a break just for the wedding stuff that’s going on and it will be a lot because it’s in a sort of quick period of time. And she’s doing a good job. She’s enjoying it.”

So why the rush to the altar?

“There’s just a lot of different reasons,” Tony says. “The traditional side of it. And when you know, you know.”

Tony had dated his fair share of starlets before finding his dream girl including a much publicized two-year romance with Jessica Simpson and a more low-key relationship with Carrie Underwood, who also dated Tony’s soon-to-be brother-in-law, Chace. Despite the potentially awkward coincidence, Tony and Chace have become close friends since bonding at a guys-only Vegas trip in November 2009.

“He’s a great guy,” says Tony of Chace. “He’s got a great head on his shoulders. He’s smart. He’s bright. Any time you get to know a kid or a guy like that, he’s just easy to get along with. We both have similar personalities on different things and it makes for an enjoyable time to hang out, go to dinner and catch up.”

Candice and her Gossip Girl star brother grew up playing sports in a family of devoted Cowboys fans.

“I’m pretty sure our Christmas cards when I was 8-year-old was us in all of our Cowboys gear,” she laughs. “So it comes full circle.”

Candice played sports in high school including track, cross-country and golf, but her first love was basketball.

“I kind of knew I wasn’t going to be in the WNBA, which is what attracted to me to the idea of, since I’m not going to play sports after college or high school, I’ll talk about them,” she says. “So that’s how I got into sports broadcasting.

While she admires Tony’s passion on the field, it’s his off the field character that she loves just as much.

“What I love most about Tony is he is always 100% a guys guy,” Candice says. “He likes sports, but he’s also 100% sweet. He’s so nice to everyone he meets. He always stops and gives people autographs and he’s just so kind and caring for me as well. It’s nice to have that balance with someone who has that job type, a personality that loves to get outside and be a part of that, but then also be very caring.”

Candice joined Tony over Super Bowl weekend to visit Pleasant Grove field, which he and Starter athletic brand have refurbished.

“When I found out what Starter was talking about with Tony, I just thought that it was a really great idea and a great cause,” she says.

Candice has been a staple at Tony’s football games, and as a Dallas native, she’s been welcomed by the Cowboys fans. Becoming a football player’s wife seems to come naturally for the sports savvy Candice, but watching from the sidelines can also be hard as it was when she watched Tony’s season end with a tackle that broke his collarbone.

“That was not fun,” Candice recalls. “It was the first time I experienced seeing him get hurt. I think the hardest part was he wasn’t getting up so that was definitely scary.”

Perhaps the time off helped the couple focus on what’s important, including their relationship. Says Candice: “We’re believers that everything happens for a reason and you find comfort and peace as well no madder how difficult it is.”

(this intimate picture was leaked to TMZ)

(her engagement ring! beyond beautifullllllllllll. I am super jealous! LOL )

Speaking of engagements, Nick Lachey got engaged a month before Romo in November to longtime girlfriend Vanessa Minnilo and Jessica Simpson got engaged a week later to her boyfriend Eric Johnson of 6 months. Isn’t it ironic Jessica and her exes get engaged days from each other?

Nick Lachey sure knows how to pick out stunning engagement rings! He proposed to long time girlfriend Vanessa Minnilio and gave her a beautiful Astor cut ring.

Jessica’s gorgeous sparkling wedding set from Lachey.

Now Jessica Simpson has this not so sparkly ring..what a difference this ring makes compared to the other two given by exes Lachey and Romo. Does the ring size matter? YES! Especially if you have millions and the bigger is always better. Most girls – like myself – have imagined their wedding and have pictured what their engagement ring will look like and hoped of what it would be. It is never colored or small and it sure doesn’t look like that. It’s always traditional….basically looks exactly like Candice’s! Jessica is the type of girl who loves the sparkles and I’m pretty positive that her ring wasn’t love at first sight. She kept asking reporters and fans at her signing if they liked the ring.

She is the type that changes herself for a man (her relationship with Meyer and Romo for example) so she probably forced herself to love the ring. I don’t like it at all. It would be a nice ring to give for a birthday or anniversary but not for an engagement! Personally, I would HATE it if my man gave me this, but thankfully he knows better and I’ve already showed him what I want. (in my dreams, it would be exactly like Crawford’s) I don’t know why but I have always been obsessed with engagement rings, how they should look like and I think every girl that loves that deserves it! I am not diamond jewelry type of girl, I prefer accessories and costume jewelry but the only diamond I would ever want is for it to be my wedding set. You know what I mean? 🙂

ONLY a FEW of favorite celeb engagement rings:

Hilary Duff’s ring is just beyond, so I had to use a double picture. Her husband spent a million dollars on just that one ring! I would be staring at it, taking pictures of it, wear it every day, flaunting it and guarding it with my life if that were mine!

Khloe Kardashian Odom’s stunning $850,000 ring. I love it, it’s huge yet simple. Not to be outdone, Kim K will defiantly be getting an even bigger ring that that when her turn comes.

Jessica Alba’s, regardless of all that diamond the ring is still simple, elegant and beautiful.

Beyonce’s $5 million ring. It is gorgeous, believe it or not it may be a bit too big for me! But this is what I would expect Jay Z to give her, combined they are worth a billion! So this ring suits her well.


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