Man of the Week

There is something sexy about a man with tattoos, that bad body image that all of us good girls love, want and attract. And there is something sexy and irresistible about Travis Barker. We all got to see a very sweet side of him in his reality show with his wife ‘Meet the Barkers‘. So loving, romantic, thoughtful to his wife and such an amazing doting father. He has the look of a sinner but he’s a saint, and thats why you should never judge a book by its cover! I can’t stand when mothers and people think so badly of all guys with tattoos. It’s always the person that looks tough on the exterior has the sweetest soul in the interior.

I just love him, he is sexy, fine, hot, cute..all of the above!

Travis and his on and off ex-wife Shanna Moakler look so good together, literally the epitome of bad boy with the all American good girl. They have two kids together and he treats her oldest daughter like his own, I love them together. I hope they get back together for good and stay together forever, because if she won’t have him, and if I can’t have him then no other girl should!!


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