Grammys Fashion Recap 2011

(Kimmy aka self-proclaimed marketing master always gets what she wants, she made sure to get that picture with Diddy for a reason)

Kim Kardashian walked the red carpet (of course, is there any red carpet or paparazzi infested event she doesn’t attend)  in a gold Kaufman Franco gown reminiscent of Jennifer Lopez’s famous Versace dress that she wore to the 2000 Grammys. She said she was there because of her new single coming out soon. -___- She told Ryan Seacrest, Mario Lopez and every other interviewer on the red carpet that she almost bailed out of the Grammys because her butt wouldn’t fit into the dress. “I had the biggest fashion emergency. I took it to another tailor and they tailored it to where my whole butt wouldn’t fit in it. I was freaking out and said that if I didn’t have the dress, I wouldn’t go.” Yeah, I am soooo sure Miss Media Whore. (if we are all sick of her and pathetic yet golden fame-whoring ways, then God help us when she finally gets engaged, married and’s never going to end)

I think the dress is beautiful, but it was a bit too hoochie, too much skin and trying way too hard. When you wear  a low cut top, you can’t show the legs! It has to be one or the other. I don’t like the clip on highlights and the heels doesn’t go with the dress. Backstage Kim K made her way through and made sure to get her pictures taken with Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj and other big celebs. Maybe she is trying to get them to collaborate with her in her new music “career” since hit making idiots like The Dream and Kanye West already have. Whats sad is they probably would do it because they know of the attention it will bring. “I can carry a tune, yeah. I have a cute little voice.”

This is how you do a draped dress, and Kim needs to know that while she is trying to be like Jenniferr Lopez, there’s only one Jenny in the block. She always will, has and does it better! *snaps fingers*

Ciara, a beautiful girl with a banging body but in a dire need of a new stylist and make over. I’ve said this before. She still hasn’t gotten it. We get you have a body beautiful body but there are other ways to be sexy and flaunt it, it’s not cute wearing these ugly cut off dresses all the time. I’d like to see her in fitted gowns, sexy mini dresses and just step it up a bit. Both dresses are Emilio Pucci.

Lady Gaga’s entrance at the red carpet…what in the blue hell is this? Jesus! this is any better! Nickie Minaj aka the Black Lady Gaga. She looks retarded, she always does. Her and Gaga will really surprise us when they will show up wearing real fashion and look feminine in a gown or heck, even a decent outfit like jeans and shirt!. She looks ridiculous, I wish I knew what the point of it was other than for attention. It’s not fashion, it’s not artistic, it’s not fun, it’s not attractive…it’s beyond stupid. For her and Gaga to be considered in fashion, fashionable is a joke to me. They are both talented artists they don’t need to be dressed like this to get attention, and after a while where they continue to show up wearing costumes it makes them look desperate and its getting played out.

Rihanna wearing a Jean-Paul Gaultier gown..I don’t like it. What I like about her is that she switches it up, she likes fashion and she loves to have fun with it. She can wear a beautiful gown at one event and look girly and pretty and the next, she’ll wear something like this. I don’t like it, it leaves nothing to the imagination and I hate dresses that reveal too much and she looks like she was wrapped with toilet paper. I love her hair though.

Willow Smith is the kid version of Gaga and Minaj. I think she is adorable and she is young so she should have fun with her outfits…as long as continues to have clothes on unlike other young stars. But it looks too costomey, one thing to wear this on stage and another to wear it for a red carpet where its all about fashion. But again, because of her age she gets away with it. I don’t like it, I think there are other options full of fun fashion that she could have wore.

Jennifer Lopez wore Emilio Pucci..she looked like a disco ball. The shows and the dress it’s a bit too much sparkles. She oozes sexiness, not a favorite look of hers but I don’t mind it.

Drake with his adorable Mom looked very handsome with his all black tux. I love a man in all black! Drake defiantly knows how Kanye feels after last night, and after loosing time and time again. I think its great that he was nominated but he should have won, at least something with all these nominations! MTV, AMA’s and Grammys have all snubbed him. And the worst is when he looses to an unknown artist that we all had to google after seeing her accept her award. I get that the Grammys have a lot of awards to give out and they have a pre-telecast award show that no one can see where all the winners are announced expect for 10 that goes on air, but they always leave out R&B and Hip Hop on their live show. Jay won 3 grammys, Rihanna won one and Usher won two. Justin Bieber is so young, I don’t think it was that bad that he didn’t win Best New Artist, he did deserve it but in my opinion, Drake deserved it a lot more!

Also in the tribute they left out Guru, a Hip Hop legend that died a few months ago.

Just a few out of thousands of shocked Tweets:

@Webstar_I’m waitin for @kanyewest to tweet. He’s been the voice of hip hop like it or not. He says what we thinkin but won’t dare say

@Webstar_Idc what nobody says @drakkardnoir deserved to win something. And @justinbieber got jerked.

@kanyewest Damn… I can’t find the words to explain how I feel about the best new artist award… Don’t wanna say the wrong thing

@kattwilliams @kanyewest should of interrupted every mother f****r up there to night

@kattwilliams If you aint seen the Grammys DONT watch them its a waste of time,electricity and you gone get mad as fuck for no reason

@DudeItsTrue That awkward moment when Esperanza Spalding wins ‘Best New Artist’ and NOBODY knows who the heck she is.#dudeitstrue

@JDior_Enough is enough.. smh who are these people?

@DJCassidy They make us think they do but they don’t RT @Webstar_: The Grammys don’t really F#ck wit hip hop. they didn’t even put Guru in the Tribute.

@DJCassidy The grammys took two steps back Russ. RT @UncleRUSH: @DJCassidy. Guru passed this year. He defiantly should have been included in tribute

@UncleRush I feel like kanye. I wanna snatch a few grammys 🙂


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