Styled by Damita

This look to me is very Manhattan chic. I love it and have been looking for a jacket like this everywhere! They are hard to find and when I do they are super expensive.

With a bold fun statement like this jacket you have to be simple with the rest of the outfit. I love a black outfit with an item that pops, in this case the jacket is what pops. I really like it, I don’t believe you have to be dressed in the newest trend to be fashionable That just makes you look the same as everyone else that is trying too hard.  To me fashion is your own style, whatever you feel comfortable in it’s about not being afraid to take risks and expressing yourself. My style varies, I like glamorous, high-end fashion, mixing up colors, brand names, pieces and prices, bohemian, edgy and mostly simple, chic understated outfits.

Do you like it? I love it, it’s so me!

Hats by Beyond Retro

Handbag by Prada

Fur by Vintage

Necklace by Soderklenoden

Tank top by Acne

Boots by Net Generation Design Tero Palmroth

Tights by H&M

Tights by Dagmar


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