The wonders of make up!

I am fascinated by make up, it’s amazing how different you can look by having it applied to your face. It’s just crazy to me how  much your face changes. When I put on make up, I quickly start to feel sexy and confident, a feeling I don’t have without out it. Then when I wash my face, I am reminded of my flaws, how I hate when people see me without it and why I need it! But what a transformation it is, and I’m obviously not a professional make up artist but I know how to apply and I am good at it but it is nothing compared to being dolled up by a professional.

Just goes to show what a good makeup team and some expensive products can do. Don’t you ever wonder what you would look like if you had a team of stylists making you look amazing every day? Heck, I always do! Some of the most beautiful woman in the world, only look beautiful with make up on but you’d surprise to see how look when they are natural. So goes to show, what is beauty? It sure as hell isn’t being natural and being confident in your skin.

Personally I wish I can be one of those woman that can wake up in the morning, wash her face and leave the house without having to put any make up on. I wish I can be natural and have the skin for it but I don’t. But if I could, I wouldn’t be putting make up on daily, and I would go pile it on if I am going out somewhere. I love a natural look and I also love a dolled up look.


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