Artist & Song of the Week

Back in the early 2000 till 2003 Ja Rule was taking over hip hip with hit song after the other. He was known to be the best to collaborate with, remember his epic songs with Jennifer Lopez and Ashanti? He was really great and had multiple hit songs on the chart at the same time, the first rapper to do so. Then he engaged in a feud with 50 cent, a rival that was in effect that happened before they became famous, they grew up in the same neighborhood. Talk about small world) and Fiddy was burning the charts himself too and he managed to kill Ja’s career. Now they both don’t have music careers. They both had a taste of fame and fortune and hit records, now Ja Rule has pending drug and gun charges against him that land him in jail and Fiddy is now Curtis Jackson and is doing movies, making huge million dollar deals, making him one of the richest men in hip hip and is having a hard time dominating the music charts once again, he sort of lost fans now  and his music isn’t as good as it was, especially now with rappers like Lil Wayne, Drake, Kanye, Jay and Eminem that will always have successful albums and singles. No one can beat them, 50 lost his touch and Ja Rule is now considered a has been.

One of my all time favorite hip hop song, that I am proud to say I can rap msyelf without a missing a beat or word is “Put it on Me” by Ja Rule featuring Lil Mo and Vita.  I love this song so much!! the lyrics, the meaning, the beats.. I love it all.This is a classic! It has to be. Ja Rule was the only rapper at the time to go mainstream he was everywhere and his music was in main genres such as pop, rap and hip hop and R&B. He also made collaborating with female rappers and R&B singers a huge trend amongst other rappers. His music was clean, it wasn’t much about drugs, guns and sex it was about love. He was like the MVP of hip hop, every summer you had an anthem by him.

“Yo, and I appreciate the rocks and gifts that you cop me baby
And that house on the hill when you drop like 80
On a down payment thinking damn ain’t life gravy
And ever since for my honey I been twice the lady
What would I do without the nights that you kept me warm
When this cold world had a girl caught in a storm
And I accept when you with when you caught in a room
And respect when you flip, ’cause our love is strong
And when you hit the block, I watch for 10-4
And when my pops asleep we snuck in your backdoor
Baby boy we been down since junior high
So when life get hot as July it’s the world against you and I
B-ballin’, tied together and ever
Heart from the heart, knew that it would last forever
When you told me, you would never leave me lonely
So baby boy put it on me.”


“Since we met it’s been you and I
A tear for a tear, baby eye for an eye
And you know that my heart goin cry
If you leave me lonely
Cause you not just my love you my homie
Who’s gonna console me, my love
I’m outta control hold me, my love
Cause I’m yours
And I don’t wanna do nothin to hurt my baby girl
If this was our world it’d be all yours, baby
The thought alone might break me
And I don’t wanna go crazy
Cause every thug needs a lady
I feel you baby cause them eyes ain’t lying
Wash away all the tears there be no more crying
And you complete me, and I would die if you ain’t wit me
So baby girl put it on me.”

This song is about a woman being their for her man through thick and thin and before he was rich. He is basically just telling her that he appreciates everything she has done for him and that he will always be there for her. He’ll never hurt her but he realizes what he has put her through and is telling her that he can’t live without her and how she is more than a lover, she is his best friend and knows him better than anyone.


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