Ladies, he was too good to be true!

While I was vacationing in Nevis I befriended an ABC reporter and he confirmed to me that our beloved reporter, America‘s silver fox Anderson Cooper is indeed gay (allegedly).I think we all knew, didn’t we? We never saw him out with a women and he was so involved and so upset with the gay bullying that had young kids committing suicide. Seeing how upset and passionate he was about the sad situation made my suspicions turn to beliefs. He has never addressed the rumors that has gone on for years. He is always pictured with Benjamin Maisani, a famous gay bar owner in NYC.

He is a CNN reporter and I think if he was to reveal if he is in fact gay he would jeopardize his career. There are many gay actors, singers, reporters and athletes that we will never suspect or even know off. I think every person has the right to stay private about their sexual orientation. Is it being true to yourself for not being public about it? Maybe. But unless you are in that person’s position, you will never know how they feel about it, there are so many factors to it. Family approval, possible career loss , fear of so many things and there is so much more to it. I think coming out is a beautiful liberating thing for someone to go through and hope whoever is gay can somehow come to terms with being open with it and embrace everything that is beautiful about them.

I know how you feel girl! If I can clone him, I sure would!


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