Hair Edition: Which looks better?

Lauren Conrad is a bore when it comes to her style – she is a fashion “designer” – but she recently switched one part of her lackluster style by going darker. I like both on her, but I’m loving the darker hair. I love the honey highlights and it goes smoothly with her skin tone and blue eyes.

Sandra Bullock got a new baby, new life and a new look. I love both on her, but sometimes its nice to change and in her case, the change was good. I like that she also lighten her hair. They are a bit too long though, right?

Kate Beckinsale went blonde and looks unrecognizable. I don’t like it. Some can pull off the blonde hair, others need to stick to their dark roots. In her case, she needs to go back to the dark side. I feel like her features doesn’t look good with the blonde.

Christina Aguilara needs a new look. A whole new make over. She puts on a shit load of make up and always has on her signature red lips. Her hair isn’t even blonde, it’s bleached. She doesn’t look good at all. Her hair needs to go darker and she needs to wear lighter make up. She is a pretty woman, but like most of us girls, especially Khloe Kardashian, we have trouble finding what look, make up, hair style/color flatters us. We may like certain things, but it may not look good. As for Aguilara’s, her whole look isn’t flattering. Her genie needs to grant her a make over that is, natural, simple yet sexy.

Taylor Swift..another bore. Her look is literally always the same. To her make up, her hair and her style. She is young she needs to have fun with her style and try new looks. Her hair is always curly, and always the same type of girls, the corkscrew curls. It always look proper and perfect, sometimes you need to mess it up! But for once she finally changed it up and straighten it! I like it, but I don’t like the bangs, that’s another thing she always has. I would just have her try different style of curls and hairstyles.

Julianne Hough went brunette  and she needs to go back to blonde. She looks so different with dark hair, I don’t like it. The blonde just goes for her, she looks sexy, young and vibrant. Whereas the dark hair, she looks plain.



One thought on “Hair Edition: Which looks better?

  1. I agree with everything you said about the hair except for taylor swift. She keeps her hair curly like that because its her signature look. Kinda like Justin Bieber’s hair

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