Styled by Damita Ro

I found this fashion program – I can’t give you the name of it just yet – that is heaven for aspiring stylists and fashion lovers! It’s a styling studio where you can combine every piece in their fashion collection to mix, match and create your personal looks. All the clothes are real, selected by stylists, from real designers. It’s creative and new-technology fun. It’s fashion like I’ve never seen before. I found it randomly and I have become obsessed. I kept saying to myself “this is genius” and stayed up all night creating new looks.  (from 9pm to 5:30am) Actually, I am beyond obsessed!! I’m itching for the day to come where I’m styling models or celebs so with this program its fun and just makes me eager for the near future. I have always had a passion for fashion, it’s in my blood and I always wanted to be a designer but a part of me didn’t have motivation for it because I felt like I can never make it. Nowadays with celebs coming out with fashion lines and all the talented designers that are still relevant, still have their place in Fashion land.  However, I found a new love and appreciation for it. I love putting outfits together, accessorizing and creating new looks. I get so mad when I see a beautiful outfit with the wrong jewelry, shoes, make up and hair style.  I get riled up thinking about how the outfit should have been and what have made it look better! It all factors in to complete a look, it’s like being a painter. The artist sees something that inspires them and they become passionate about bringing it to life.  That’s how I feel about styling, it truly makes me happy and I really hope I’ll be styling real people one day soon!

I’ll be featuring a new look that is styled by me every week from my look-book. Some will be just in fun fashion, a few will be magazine and ads,  different looks for any occasion and even climate. Also, I’ll do features where I’ll show you how you can style an item in many ways.

My style is very casual, chic and comfortable. I love simple outfits that pop, whether it’s the bag, jewelry or shoes that make it stand out. I love glamor and dressing up. I love tunic tops, layering and I have a bohemian flavor. I’m also obsessed with accessorizing, the bigger the bag the better and the more accessories the merrier!!

This is so me right now. This is also a chic New York City look! Personally I love thigh high boots, they never disappoint an outfit (if worn the right way, obviously). I’m also loving woven hats, we’ll be seeing a lot of it this year. It’s so simple yet stylish. This makes a great casual outfit, whether it’s going to school or running errands or even traveling.

Hat by Accent
Handbag by Kipling
Fur by Malene Birger & Saga Furs
Necklace by Sakdidet Road
Sweater by Jan Ahlgreen
Boots, Vintage
Jeans by Frankie B


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