Before & After: Kim Kardashian

When Kim Kardashian first emerged making a splash with leaking a sex tape to follow in the footsteps of her former BFF Paris Hilton, I didn’t mind her. I thought she was very pretty and I liked that her body was similar to mine. Right after she comes out with a reality show with her family and I loved the show and the family. It was a brilliant move on her part, to get in a show with her family and create a fan base. She turned something negative into a positive. On the show we saw how boring and stuck up she is, Khloe was the true hidden star. She didn’t know how to dress and she looked like a regular girl. She clearly didn’t like what she saw and stepped it up. Every time we saw her she looked different, she was becoming more Hollywood. Now three years later, there is nothing she won’t promote, her name and face is everywhere, she gets paid thousands to promote endorsements and even gets up to $10,000 to just tweet a product, thousands to make an appearance, commercials, numerous brands, fashion lines, make up, books, shoes, lollipops, spray tans, soooooooooooooooooooooo much more. It just never ever ends. She’s also traveled for a few hours all the way to Australia to promote a cell phone and to Africa to promote a fruit drink. She has the paparazzi’s number on speed dial and has contracts with many tabloid magazines. She is literally on a never ending promotional tour. Along the way, her face has changed as well. She can deny it all she wants but she can’t deny the obvious fact that her face looks extremely different now then how it was years ago. She went from natural beauty to plastic beauty.I can’t stand her now. I think she is a hypocrite and contradicts herself. She also uses her fans, by knowing how young and naive they are and knowing what to put out to make them get it. It’s a smart business move, actually.  She controls her image, what she says is all trained and she is just pure fake.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why a person like her gets all this recognition. The media and fans are still obsessed with her, it’s as if she pulls them back in every time. She’ll never allow herself to step away from the spotlight. She is beyond addicted and has sold her soul to fame.The fame created a monster and has clearly made her even more insecure then she already was. She’s shown her getting Botox on her show and claims that’s all she’s ever got. Their show is fake, there have been so many scenes I’ve noticed that are fake and redone and their mother does now air an episode without her approving of it. She has extended her 15 minutes of fame so many times, that there no more’s now years of Kardashians.

I’ll be following up with another post I’ve been working on about her.


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