The Game’s Comeback: Game On!

I cannot tell you enough how obsessed I am with this show The Game. It premiered in 2006 on the CW, every season just kept getting better and better but three seasons later the CW canceled the show! I couldn’t believe how upset I was!!! The network said that it doesn’t fit in with the direction they want to go – hour-long drama serious like Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill. The producers of the show tried to convince the network to allow them to transform the show into an hour-long drama but to no avail. The show was the only current show that had an African-American cast, it was a half hour show and the ratings efficient. This is the same network that canceled Reba!! I was obsessed with that show! And also the huge fan favorite Girlfriends (African-American cast that had amazing rates for years. They canceled it for no reason. Coincide? I think not.)

Then BET started airing the reruns and it had a staggering amount of ratings and the show became even more popular and known. CW never promoted the show, BET has a mixed audience, young and old and mostly African-Americans – hence the Black Entertainment Television.  When the show first canceled, it left a lot of disappointed fans and they went online to make their voices heard. They made a campaign on YouTube and on websites to save the show. After almost two years, BET made it happen.

The synopsis of the show is:

As the series premieres, Melanie Barnett (Tia Mowry) is a first-year medical school student who has given up an offer of admission to Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore (widely regarded as one of the two best medical schools in the country) to follow her boyfriend Derwin Davis (Pooch Hall), a professional football player, to San Diego, against the advice of her parents. Derwin Davis is a first-year rookie with a fictional team called the “San Diego Sabers”. As Melanie settles into her new life, she meets Tasha Mack (Wendy Raquel Robinson), the mother of Sabers’ starting quarterback Malik Wright (Hosea Chanchez), and Kelly Pitts (Brittany Daniel), the wife of Sabers’ captain Jason Pitts (Coby Bell). As she learns to balance her new roles as both med student and the partner of a professional football player, Tasha and Kelly immediately warn her to keep a close eye on her boyfriend because of the numerous “gold diggers” who approach the professional football players.

This show is just real. Anyone can relate to it. It is also sort of like reality TV with whats really going on behind famous athletes and their girlfriends/wives/baby-mamas, a lot of which that have been with these men before they signed to the NFL, then all of a sudden everything changes. They are wealthy, living in a mansion and their men are parading around the world with different women, and you have to hear and read about it all over the internet and deal privately. The women lose themselves by giving up their lives for that man and taking care of the kids while they are always gone and going through hard times with him dealing with infidelity, some even impregnate other women . It’s a hard transition in your life. Everything changes and you have no control over it anymore.

On the show there is a character that every one can connect with. It has great story lines, and personal stories that we all can relate too. You will want to follow along, each week to see how each character’s life progresses. I think it gives an accurate depiction of how sports players interact with their family and the public. They cover a lot of issues people are going through or have been through. Jason and Kelly Pitts go hit a rough patch in their marriage. She always played the role of being his wife and never had her own identity. She finally decides to divorce him after feeling disrespected time and time again by him. He tries to win her over by promising to change but when he is done trying and moves on is when she realizes she doesn’t want to be without him but it’s to late. So now she has to find herself outside the marriage. Malik Wright is successful, young and rich. He is also very cocky and cares about partying and girls. He falls in love with an actress to only end up being used by her for publicity to revive her career. His mother Tasha Mak, was his manager till he fired her but she still manages other athletes. She has trust issues and doesn’t allow herself to fall in love because of past hurt from Malik’s father after he left her when she was 17 and pregnant. She finally gets closure by him when he meets Malik’s for the first time, 25 years later. She’s there to give advice to the girls because she doesn’t want to end up liking her, alone, bitter and jaded by men. Melanie and Derwin have gone through it all. They were college sweethearts, she moved with Derwin to a new city when he signed to the NFL. She gave up the chance to go the best medical school in the country to be with him and she feels that she has sacrificed a lot for him, to only be let down by him time and time again. After him cheating on her, several dramatic break ups and impregnating another woman later they finally get married. You get so invested in their relationship. You cry along with them and it’s almost as if you can feel how much they love each other. I’ve heard so many times girls say “I want a relationship like Derwin and Melanie.” First love is always the sweetest and the first cut is the deepest but they’ve weathered all the storms a relationship can have because their love for another is deeper than they can even handle.

I love how they ended it, it left me wanting more and I was so disappointed when I found out I wasn’t going to get it but finally after its anticipated return the game is back on and returning tonight and I can’t wait to see how their lives are 2 years later – the show is going to begin with us seeing where their lives are now two years later and filling us in with what has happened.

“You know a while ago somebody asked me “how do you know that you’ve found the one?” How do you know you that you’ve found the one? When you listen to the vows, Melanie, it’s all there. Do you wanna be with her for better or for worst? Through sickness and in health? Til death til you part?..And if the answer is yes, I mean truly yes, then you know with no hesitation and no reservation, Melanie..I know, Mel..I know.”

Extra: Review of the cast and new changes

Derwin Davis and Melanie Barnett-Davis

Our favorite couple has gone through their ups and downs in the past, but this season they’re a married ‘It’ couple. “[Derwin] has come up in his career and he’s got it like that so he has to stay in the latest gear and keep it really sharp,” Pooch Hall said about his character. “This season you’ll see him doing more Euro-fashion. Lots of suits and tailored outfits.”

In turn, Tia Mowery’s character Melanie has put aside her med-school girl style to look the part of the ”power wife.” The actress said show creator Mara Brock Akil channeled the posh Victoria Beckham for Melanie’s new wardrobe this season. “Mealnie’s a footballer’s wife, she has to represent. She’s all about fashion and looking good all the time now.”  Melanie will also be sexing it up in more lingerie this season. “This is the game! She has to keep her man!” Mowery said.  Hmmm does that mean maternity wear might be next? The verdict’s out.

Jason Pitts and Kelly Pitts

What happened to cheap-o Jason!? This go round he’s a lot more smooth and dapper wearing suits instead of the “track outfits and golf clothes” that actor Coby Bell said dominated his character’s style in the previous seasons. If it were real life I’d guess he’s still keeping a tight reign on his pocket but finally getting more of the freebie swag that comes with being a footballer.

Brittnay Daniel’s “Kelly” has had perhaps the biggest fashion makeover.  When we first met her she was the perky bubbly blonde but this season she’s much more sassy than “Sunbeam.”  Fully divorced, Kelly’s starting fresh with newly chopped hair and killing the game with tighter more revealing clothes (all the better to find a new man, my dear). Now that she’s out from under her ex-husband’s frugal thumb and collecting those good child and spousal support checks, she’s trading in her knock-off heels and learning to walk the walk in designer shoes.

Malik Wright and Tasha Mack

What you see is what you get with this mother-son duo and this season is no exception. Out of all the characters their style has probably remained the most consistent, but not with a few upgrades. After all, as Hosea Chanchez put it, his character “Malik always has to be fashionable. He always has to be what’s in the now and in the know.”

This season Tasha has really found her grove as a business woman and her style has gotten much more polished, though she still keeps a level of trendiness and sexiness. You know Mama Mack knows how to pull the men.

The Game Revived, via Examiner.

‘The Game’ was what many fans would describe as “improv acting” (or at least that’s how it seemed; the acting was just that good), meaning from the camera angles, to the dialogue, down to the actors mannerisms, the show sometimes came off as unscripted. With story-lines as complicated as a daytime soap opera, and humor as funny as a Saturday Night live parody, ‘The Game’ seemed to set a different standard from any half-our show we had seen before. The show saw success with it’s first two seasons, averaging 2 million viewers, but soon saw a decline by it’s third season, or did it?

With each season becoming better than the next, the plots were thickening, and the drama was on high-gear, keeping its viewers on the edge of their seats. Sounds like a winning series correct? By the end of the third season, rumors started to surface saying the WB was going to ax the predominately black-cast show from it’s fall line-up. With many fans growing angry by the horrid news/rumors, online campaignes began, before the news of a cancellation were even confirmed. WB did not make an official announcement, but the news was evident after the WB announced their 2010 fall line-up, and ‘The Game’ wasn’t on it.

Anger grew immense amongst fans, and even angered the black community. The WB has been known to cancel many African American shows w/o warning; w/o explanations. With no other black television shows on TV, ‘The Game’ is what many fans felt all we had left of the dying breed. Facebook and Twitter campaignes began to grow, for the WB to bring back their show. WB never responded or offered any explanations. Long gone was ‘The Game’, or was it?

New Beginnings

After hearing the out-poor from fans, BET decided to test the show out by running re-runs on their network. This was a test to see what viewership numbers would look like by running marathons of the show throughout the week. It was a success. Not only were the re-runs a success with ‘The Game’s’ dedicated fan-base, but BET also saw an increase in new viewers. This was all BET needed to go ahead and run new seasons of ‘The Game’ on their network.  Never had we seen a show get cancelled and get picked back up.


After two years of anxiously waiting for it’s return, I have mixed feelings about it…

I truly love that these issues they are portraying are very real in today’s society: divorce, paternity testing, older women with younger men, teenage girls maturing too and etc. I commend these young actors/actresses for bringing it alive on camera in a manner we can relate to. Everyone is superb with falling back into their characters. However, I am a bit disappointed. I feel like it should have been and could have been a lot better…

I love the shows new direction but I also can’t stand some of the new changes. I like the one angle camera, the show looks like  a reality show rather then a sitcom. It’s also too serious now and less funny. Tasha Mack’s character, I totally understand now her desire to have some fun, be a cougar (which is happening a lot lately, so kudos again for them having a connection with an audience) but there definitely was a budget issue for them not bringing Rick Fox back. I’m not liking Terrance J on the show. He isn’t a good actor and it was awkward watching them on the screen, his acting and their lack of chemistry. There are so many other African American men in Hollywood who are REAL actors that would have been perfect for the show. Malik is defiantly playing the role of a troubled NFL star this season, a lot of his troubles and arrogance is based from some of the headlines that a few athletes have made throughout the recent years. When he said “the rules don’t apply to me” I knew where his role is going. He thinks he is invisible because he is rich, famous and an athlete.  So his character will be interesting to watch and again this show is going to show you what it is like inside the world of these athletes.

Jason and Kelly Pitts, I am not liking it at all. He seemed like he loosed up since we last saw him being cheap and trying to win back Kelly but now he seems to have let go and he is now trying to hold on to his career since he is a veteran. Kelly should never have divorced Jason, he loved her a lot and she loves him too but now she’s become a bitter woman. I never liked her acting, I really think they could have chosen another actress that would have played Kelly’s role beautifully. I don’t like her new style, the hair cut is hideous and her playing a bitchy character doesn’t make her acting any better. I think the cast is amazing, they are all very talented and play their roles so damn good expect for her. I just don’t like her new role at all. Her collecting child support and living off of him and the whole reality TV thing is understandable because that’s what we are seeing now with Basketball Wives and Football wives  so that’s another inspiration from real athletes lives. I don’t like the new girl that is playing their daughter ‘Brit-Brat’, she went from being 8 years old two years ago to now being and looking like 20 years old. Her face is way to mature for her tiny body.

Derwin and Melanie, bringing back the drama! Now they no longer are two young people in love, trying to hold on to their relationship and going through so many ups and downs. They are now a married couple, Derwin has become the superstar athlete and she gave up her residency to support him and be the role of the NFL trophy wife and their adjusting to being a celebrity couple. I think they’re direction will take us to not only what married couples go through but what celebrity couples do as well. I also think that Melanie will go through even more insecurities while trying to hold on to her superstar husband. I love when she said “she wants what we have” to Derwin about his ex-girlfriend and baby mama Jenee. She still questions that the baby isn’t his and she finally does a DNA test and the baby turns out that he isn’t his. After two years she does it? I wish they would have showed more than Jenee’s reaction when he asked her if it is inf act his, then right before the show ends we find out their was a mixup with the testing and the baby is indeed Derwin’s. I think this will be the biggest drama of the season, when Derwin finds out she kept the secret from him, leading him to end up believing that the baby isn’t his and have him go through a roller-coaster of emotions. Maybe this could be the end of their marriage, or maybe she will never even tell him that the baby is his after all. We will see. It was a lot of drama for one episode, especially the first one back but I have a feeling this is nothing compared to what is to come next.  Like Tasha Mack said “game on bitches”.


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