Fashion Hits & one miss

Selena Gomaz looked beautiful, vibrant and age appropriate in a mini Alice + Olivia dress. I’m loving the coloring, of the dress and of her! Her skin complexion goes smoothly with the soft tone of the adorable dress, the light make up and the wavy hair on the side all make for  a perfect simple outfit.

This has to be my favorite look in a while! I haven’t done any fashion posts lately because I’m not liking anything I see! Nothing inspiring, nothing different and definatly nothing worth obsessing over! We’ll see what this years fashion brings! Anyway, Gomez is wearing this stunning ruffled chiffon dress by Irina Shabayeva. I want this dress! I like her hair, with a dress like that I think hair styled half up, half down with full of waves is the best way to complete it. I like that the earrings stand out, I like what she has on but I would have chosen a different pair. To me, they don’t match. Finally, I don’t like the heels for this dress! They are adorable, but it doesn’t belong with this look, you need the heels to go with the flow and have it be simple as possible. I would have styled it with a pair of light grey peep toe pumps.

Emma Roberts looked cute and simple. I think the dress is adorable! You can’t go wrong with it, she’s young so she managed to look adorable without trying hard at all. Simple is always more. I would have chosen chandilier earings with a color that pops, a few bracelets, hair in a loose pony tail and emerald green heels.

Lauren Conrad, her style is very blah for a “fashion designer”, I love her new dark hair, it suits her very well and I like how she styled it. I already really like the dress and the heels with it. The look is very simple, cute and sexy.

Of course Kim Kartrashian never turns down an invite. Kourtney Kardashian had the best look! I love this look for her. I like Kim’s dress but I’m not crazy about it. I really like the necklace with it though. I don’t like her hair style, the poof is to big and just doesn’t go with the look. I like the bangs parted on each side and I would’ve just had a regular toned down bun. Now to Khloe…I always say she needs a style make over. It’s like their stylist saves the best looks for Kim, because Kim won’t allow any of them to look better than her. Kourtney steps it up from time to time and other times she over does it. Kim tries too damn hard to fit in – she thinks she’s a mixture of Jennifer Lopez and Elizabeth Taylor and Gods gift to fashion. Khloe hasn’t gotten it yet. She’s always wearing unflattering outfits, her make up is over done, with way to much blush! Her hair is always styled the same but last night she debuted a fiery new color and it looks horrible. It’s too light for someone who already has light coloring. I think the darker her hair is, the better it is.

Also, I’m sorry but she doesn’t have a nice smile. She needs to learn how to pose for the camera and know what her best look is that will flatter both her face and body. This look is just all wrong on her, the grey unflattering Alexander McQueen dress is a bad combination with her skin tone and the hair. The Strawberry Shortcake looked like a mess and just gave the internet a license to make even more fun of her. I think she is trying hard to stand out from her sisters, they are always getting the compliments and she gets the insults. I think they are all pretty in their own way, Kourtney is natural, Kim is fake and obsessed with perfection and Khloe needs to look attractive and show her beauty behind all the unflattering outfits and make up.


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