Artist & Song of the week

Of course it has to be Grenade by Bruno Mars! It’s the number 1 song in the country and pretty much everyone’s favorite! Bruno Mars is the hottest artist right now, he’s coming out with hit after hit. I love his voice and the way he sings!

The song is straight forward, he threw his heart on his sleeve and she took it for granted.

“Black, black, black and blue, beat me ’til I’m numb
Tell the devil I said hey when you get back to where you’re from.”

The song means the obvious but the video has lots of metaphors that I can’t bypass because they put the lyrics’ meaning on display. There is this guy who is very heart broken (suicidal) and the pain inside is the weight (piano) he drags around. This pain is weighing him down. As he is passing through this forsaken (poor neighborhood) road of heart ache he is alone. He encounters threats to his life- his own thoughts seem deadly, they are the tattooed thugs you see. They look dangerous and deadly and this being a metaphor for how his own thinking is trying to kill himself-threatening his life. His mind is telling him, die, kill oneself. He passes the thugs unharmed but frightened because his own thinking frightens him. Then when those thoughts subside the pity thoughts for the self starts this being the old man that runs at him and pointing at him mocks and laughs. “You are an idiot how could you love her, she hates you and you want to kill yourself for that?” Some times when you are in that kind of pain you’ll tell yourself “ah you are fucking stupid, why do you feel this way?” Next point cars and people ( a woman dressed in all black) pass him aware but uncaring or oblivious to him and his pain/weight. Here is all the things he is singing about, he would do anything for her, even look for her carrying the piano, thus, this and what follows sets the entire lyrics into place. He looks up and sees them-realizing there is no going back, he then lowers his eyes then his head. Right then deciding to end it. He drags away that piano, as the pain deepens and the weight (life) becomes unbearable-he can barely push the piano on such steep uphill climb- the weight is going to crush him if he doesn’t hold it. And the moment of death appears when the nun and the Priest slowly pass looking. Religion and God seem significant when crossing that road. Flashing red lights means extreme danger, train crossing means crossing over to the other side, him and his pain/piano/weight are right on the tracks and faces the end. The reason why he has the piano on the tracks is that this whole time the piano wasn’t a material thing outside of him, it was the pain inside him which can not be separated.


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