Shoe of the week

And again I am reminded why I will not allow myself to open a credit card. I love online shopping, waiting for a package to arrive is like a kid on Christmas morning, it’s the kind of feeling I wish I can have every day..but I won’t because I know what reality is. If I were to have a credit card I would literally shop every day online and every weekend I’ll be in the city doing some more shopping. But you have to be smart and realistic, especially since I am a working student. So my reality now is it will be stupid to spend hundred of dollars on a pair of shoes, so I shop smart. I spend up to $400 on a pair of leather boots because I can wear them all the time and they are real leather so it’s a good long run investment. I’m obsessed with handbags, so I buy a variety of them that differ in style and colors that range in prices but I won’t exceed over $50. I already have student loans piling up,  so it doesn’t make sense for me to sink myself in with more debt for my shopping habit. I live with my limit, I know what I can and can’t afford, and as a fashionista my taste is real expensive so I stay clear of being swipe happy!

For instance, now I would have placed an order on these sick fabulous shoes!!!! They are Rock & Republic. It’s only $395.00 – see how my mentality is, ONLY – I love cone studs, especially in a pair of pumps, leather handbags and jackets – Christian Louboutin has inspired that trend – I love everything about these Saffron Studded Platform Booties!!



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