Classy to Trashy

Here we go again with this attention whore! When will it ever stop? It feels like every week she announces another “dream come true” endorsement, another line she is “designing”, another brand she is launching, another reality tv show she is starring in or “producing”, more rumors of her that she most likely she creates herself, and so on and on and on. She’s on a never-ending promotional tour and I’m surprised no one has gotten sick of her yet, well I know a lot are now with but her huge female based fans are still there.

Oh wait! Literally as I was just typing this post, she just announced another new venture she now has a line of diamond watches and that she is a new spokesperson for Sketchers and she is endorsing a liquor brand! Holy crap, it literally never ends.

Now, she is “dating” Halle Berry’s ex-boyfriend and baby daddy model Gabriel Aubrey. I don’t like it at all! (if it was even true) And I notice not many do as well. I don’t understand how these men are okay with being with a woman who released her own sex tape, and based her career on the tape and her naked body. She’s had so many failed relationships before fame and now after fame she still can’t seem to hold on to a man. Aubrey has a daughter, I don’t see Halle Berry being okay with them two dating and allowing Kartrashian to be near her daughter. The fact that her name is now mixed in with a woman like Halle is ludacris. They didn’t meet through mutual friends, Kris Jenner is the one that set this up. As seen previously on a Keeping up with the Kardashians episode Jenner was going through a list of eligible bachelors for Kim for her to hook her up with to create headline news.

She doesn’t even have natural beauty any more. She’s plastic and is addicted to fame. Gabriel Aubrey went from classy to trashy. Kim is definitely not going to let this one go, being with him gives her even more attention and over exposure because of who he has dated and who he has a child with and of his good looks, he isn’t just another athlete Kim has dated. I’m pretty sure this attention whore is loving every second of this and being associated with Halle Berry.

I liked her with Reggie Bush but I think they grow into two different people, he was with her before fame and I think he loved her that way. Fame and money went over her head and she became obsessed with the spotlight. Her and Miles Austin were really cute together, but she got dumped again for her not making time to be with a football player and adjust to their schedule and being out of California and be able to settle into the NFL wife life and put in the effort.

For the two of them to go to a Laker game together was a calculated move, it was done for attention. I really don’t think they dated, not only will Halle Berry not approve but you would be surprised what some of these celebs do for attention and how the majority of the time they call the paparazzi or they know where to go (Kardashian) where it’s all flashes. Besides she had already started to date NBA player Kris Humprhies. When it comes to celebs, media, the magazines and the paparazzi it’s all marketing. She knew what it would mean to be seen with him, the Kardashians/Jenner know how to play the game they are self-described marketing masters.


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