Flops of the week

Blake Lively…I don’t know where to begin! For someone who was considered best dressed of the year from VOGUE, which makes no sense for me at all, sure doesn’t know how to dress! The boots, the leggings, the dress and the sparklly jacket it’s all too much. The jacket would look good with black jeans and a beige silk top with black heels.

Ann Hathaway, what the heckity heck is going on latley with fashion? No wonder why lately I have not been inspired or “wowed”. This sucks, what is this dress? It looks like its decorate with ornaments. Whats up with the hair?

Whitney Port, she always looks like a walking banana. I actually really like this satin dress with the statement necklace with the hair tied back. I don’t like the red lips and I sure as hell can’t stand the shoes! It kills the whole outfit, they are ugly and they don’t go with the sophisticated look. I would have chosen peep top nude pumps.



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