10 Best Healthy Eating Tips!

Plan meals in advance: Knowing what you will eat a few hours prior is one of the best ways to gain control of your diet.

Dont’ wait until you’re starving to eat: When your hunger levels have reached the point in which all you can think about is food you are more likely to binge on something regardless of the nutritional values. If you eat when you are moderately hungry, you’re better equipped to approach meal time with mindfulness.

Use a smaller plate: It sounds simple but its true, one of the best ways to manage portion control is to put a limit on what you put in front of you. When you are done, drink some water and wait a minute for satiety to set in.

Keep a journal: There have been numerous studies that show journaling is an easy an effective tool for weight management. When you write down all that you have eaten, you
are far more likely to take a mindful approach to your diet.

Watch your liquids: Fancy coffee drinks, sports drinks and sodas may seem harmless enough but in fact, most are packed with empty calories that don’t fill you up and make you crave more just an hour later.

Bring fruits and vegetables to work: By taking fruits and vegetables to work, not only are you giving yourself better odds to defeat impulse eating, you are taking mental steps that reinforce positive change in your life.

Keep A Bar High In Fiber And Protein In Your Car: Keeping a healthy snack in your car will help you avoid the drive through. Fiber and protein help people feel full and eat less without a ton of calories. When you eat snacks the help you feel full, you have more control.

Address the root issues: Understand why you struggle with your weight in the first place. Are you an emotional eater? Do you sabotage your healthy eating with a late night binge? By addressing the core areas of weakness head on, you are better equipped to make small changes with big results.

Know how you’re wired: When I perform baratric surgery on a patient, I am reducing the stomach to only the top 10 percent — the portion that tells your brain, “Stop, I’m full.” When you understand how the stomach works, you are better equipped to manage it.

Aim for fullness: People make the mistake of skipping meals and living their lives in a state of hunger thinking it will help them lose weight, when in fact, this is a terrible plan because no one wants to go through life hungry. It’s far better to understand how to reach a feeling of fullness using healthy foods and to strive for a feeling of fullness at all times.


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