Quote of the day

“I’d have to hear a song and feel it out and see if it’s something I’d sound good at. I would like the music to sound a bit like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and J.Lo with a bit of an R& B twist to it. Filming the video would be the most fun.”

– aspiring “singer” Kim Kartashian, expressed last year who is now releasing an album…

Are you kidding me?! K. Trash is now working with one of the best producers of this generation The Dream, he’s created mega mega hits for Beyonce, Rihanna, Mary J Blidge and Mariah Carey. Are we even surprised? She’s following in her former BFF’s Paris Hilton’s footsteps and going above and beyond for fame: leaking her own sex tape, reality TV shows, “acting”, “designing” fashion lines, a fashion line for Bebe, perfumes, commercials, endorsement deals, fitness dvd’s, “producing”, a magazine beauty editor, cosmetic lines, spray tanning lines, shoe line, owning boutiques, diet supplement brand, cupcake line, jewelry lines, author and I can’t even finish the list of other shit she signs her name on to. Oh! and dating many different men. Now we shall brace ourselves for an added career, “singing”. I just keep wondering when will this world be sick of her and the Kardashian name! The music of course will be good, it’s going to be produced and written by a hit maker who creates amazing music for real artists, she obviously isn’t an artist she doesn’t sing or does anything with talent. We now have celebs with fashion lines and singing and getting their hands on anything and everything just for the heck of it.

It’s all these girls that are so fascinated by the Kardashians, especially Kim. I don’t get it. I don’t get how girls say they “look up to her” when she’s proven to be a hypocrite, a sell out, flaunts her naked body in ads and magazines covers and started out with a sex tape. When will it be enough? When is she going to stop and step away from the media? I have a feeling that will be never., she is addicted to fame. She is just going to keep on going and her face is going to magically change with the denial of plastic surgery. While every new product she endorses and promotes she starts with “It’s been a dream come true for me to be doing this and that”. Seriously? Shut the eff up and go back to “dreaming”. Enough is enough!

How are people taking her seriously? These idiotic fame whores take away the art of acting and music when they dabble into it. It’s not all in fun, it has to be real, raw and with passion not for attention, money and fame. Her songs will be covered by auto tune and the magic of producing! Whats up next Kim? A comedian? A TV host?..I can’t even think of anything else that she hasn’t done but I’m sure whatever else she can think of for attention, it will be a dream come true for her.



Even Kim’s sister, the favorite Kardashian says she can’t sing! 2.20 mark:



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