Poem of the day

Now I must dedicated something to the woman in the picture…

…sitting on this bed with my back against one of the four walls I’ve been confined to, all I can think of is you. Staring at you staring at me, from the picture of you that I see. I try so hard to make the picture smile. You look so serious. Seriously beautiful. You, me, we are one. Then I look further to the right and there’s a picture of “the bed by the water”… where I dream to be with the woman in the picture that still won’t smile. I sometimes talk to the picture, but it never responds. Although, I’ve been told that a picture speaks a thousands words, I only wish that this picture would speak of four… “I love you too.” That would be the perfect response to what I frequently say to it. You see, the picture of “the bed by the water” has sand in it, and the woman in the other picture has sand in her hair… put them together, and she’s there. And when I dream, I’m there with her. Shhh… quietly these four walls become that place in the picture. And the woman in the picture begins to whisper… “I love you too”… she responds!

And now she smiles. Imagination is perfect.

Dedicated to the woman in the picture.

While Lil Wayne was in jail he wrote this poem as his final fan letter on his website. The poem is very touching and it shows that he truly is a great writer. He was finally freed early this morning after a 8 month long stint in prison. Ironically, when he entered jail for gun charges is the same week rapper T.I was released also for gun charges, and now the same week Lil Wayne has been released, T.I goes back, this from drug charges after violating his probation! A mess!! Anyway, now that Lil Wayne is out and hopefully he stays out, he can make real music and not garbage music that seems to sell. His music is catchy but it doesn’t make sense! I’d like to see him go on a Tupac route and talk about how he felt confined in prison, what he was feeling about his kids and mother and how humbling it must have been to go from being the biggest rapper in the world to being in jail. Real emotion, real music and transition himself to being a bigger than he already is by relating to men in jail, kids getting in trouble and so on.

Now that he has his freedom, he can see his four kids from his four baby mamas and lets hope he doesn’t make a 5th, 6th and 7th one in a row like he did with the last 3!


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