Flop of the week

Speaking of being sick of the Kardashians, here is a non fame whore Kardashian sister, Kourtney. I don’t mind her, she’s only annoying when she opens her mouth and talks and you hear her voice other than that she’s doesn’t seem to into the spotlight.

Anyway, she wore this multi layered black ensemble at their new DASH store opening in NYC. It’s to much for her tiny body. I have nothing positive to say about it, from the hair, stockings, jacket, skirt and shoes. She is tiny and so petite and needs to dress for her body not over dress it.

I would like to see her try different hair styles and looks. She along with her sisters have a set style that they constantly wear and it’s getting played out. It would be nice to see her with a different look; hair full of curls tied half up, half down or wavy hair and for casual, skinny jeans with high heels and a cute top and mini fitted dress with a cute light pink blazer with killer heels. She is the type that can get away with an effortless laid back style. Instead she tries to hard and it never seems to work. Only time I see her with a cute outfit it’s a casual look but it’s always, always with leggings! Time to retire the leggings people!!! Side bar: All three sisters have the same stylist yet out of the three Kim somehow always snags the best look. Hmmm..

Check out her hidious outfits from the past week while she’s been staying in NYC.

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