Cutest Couple!

One of my favorite Hollywood couples Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo are finally engaged! After his divorce from Jessica Simpson in 2006, Nick briefly dated Kim Katrashian till he started dating Vanessa and they have been together ever since. Unlike Jessica who hasn’t had  any luck with men and went through many relationships and tough break ups. I met Vanessa a few years ago when she was a host on TRL and she was very sweet and was even more beautiful in person. Nick and Vanessa share the same birthday and they just go together, you know when you see a couple and you think that they are made for each other? I think that of those two. They would make beautiful babies! I also like how they keep their life private, you don’t see or hear much of them. They live their lives normally and thats what it should be about! Of course we all love Nick, after we saw how amazing of a husband he was to Jessica. I think every girl who watched wanted a Nick in her life and I also think everyone believes that Jessica made a big mistake by divorcing him and she’ll never find another Nick! LOL We all went through break up since we invested so much time and loved them after watching their mega hit Newlywed show.

Recently Nick and Vanessa had an awkward run in with Jessica and her new boyfriend former NFL boyfriend Eric Johnson at a restaurant and Jessica was said to have looked very nervous, was loud and drank a lot to calm her nerves and was over heard saying mean things about them . (I think Jessica and Eric are like a Barbie and Ken! lookwise, he seems to be a good match for her). Good thing Jessica has a boyfriend while hearing the news of Nick’s engagement! I would feel a bit sad if my ex-husband was getting married, especially for Jessica she clearly wants to get remarried and have kids and finally have her happily ever after like every other hopeless romantic girl.

Gongrats to Nick and Vanessa! Love, love them together! Nick tweeted “Hey all. If anyone’s heard the rumors of my engagement, they are absolutely true! Vanessa and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for all the love!”


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