Thought of the day

I’m super upset!

My Mother gave me her brand new I-touch with 32 GBS, I uploaded over a 1,000 songs, personalized it with my email and facebook automatically on with saved passwords, added hundreds of pictures, personal writings in the notes app that were heartfelt and I wish I can get back and even have my credit card stored in to buy music from Itunes. I need to listen to music in the mornings on my two-hour train ride to school and the two-hour coming back and I listen to it in between classes during my breaks.

Earlier today I was listening to music waiting for class to start, my friend came in so I shut it off to talk to her. There is this annoying girl in my class that chews gum so loud and is always staring at me, every time I turn she’s staring and always sits closely next to me and she always seemed like a shady person to me. So I placed my bag on the desk next to me so she won’t sit there! I’m always very protective of my bag, I normally never place it on the floor or on the desk next to me, it’s always on my lap but today I really didn’t want her sitting next to me to annoy me and I guess I was being careless. I placed my Ipod inside my bag but the headphones show. The desk where my bag was placed was in between me and the annoying girl. The class is two hours long and so much was going on that I really didn’t pay attention to my bag, I didn’t feel like I have to. The other students next to me were my friends, and an ipod doesn’t have legs to move itself so where else would it go?! My sister picked me up from school so I didn’t take out my ipod like I normally do. I come home and I wanted to charge it and it’s no where to be found and my gut instinct from the begining told me its the annoying girl who took it.

I’m so upset! This is so High School! We’re in college for god sake! The new ipod can easily be replaced, thats not the problem. My problem is all my personal stuff that the person will have now have access to my privacy and I’m just really uncomfortable by that. Also the fact that I didn’t lock it with a password! Damn me!! Also, I’m disappointed at people, how they steal and get away with it and how they think that its okay to do. I don’t know how people sleep at night knowing they took things that doesn’t belong to them, whatever it may be. I guess I just see the best in people that I can be oblivious to the bad side of the world.

I’ll see her again tomorrow in class, I don’t like accusing people. I believe that if you didn’t see it in your own eyes or hear it from the horse’s mouth than you should not point the finger. But I’m going with my gut and I’m going up to her nicely, I’m not a confrontational person at all and we’ll see what she says and I’m pretty sure she’ll deny but I just know in my heart that its her so you never know, maybe she can return it back to me or I’ll just tell her to enjoy whats not yours but to do me a favor and delete my personal information!!


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