Will be back shortly!

Hey dolls!

Sorry I haven’t been updating much, usually two – four posts go up daily but things have been crazy busy for me lately with school and work. I’m super stressed out and I feel like I’m being stretched too thin but I’m used to it by now and I just need to keep going on without any complains and get back my motivation that I’ve lacked. My hair keeps falling out from stress and my Thyroid condition, my face is breaking out more than ever and I’m gaining weight because I’m not taking my thyroid medication and not eating healthy! I’m letting go of myself and I don’t like the feeling and what I see. You know, sometimes you just give up on everything you work hard for when you don’t get the results you are reaching for. You feel down about yourself and you just don’t feel like your inside your body, you’re just a robot and you just keep on moving.

Anyway, I’ll be back working on the blog in no time! A lot of people have left me comments saying how I am just like any blogger that forgets about the blog after it does good but that isn’t the case. I don’t even think the blog has done that good. It’s still a work in progress and I appreciate all you that  come on here and leave me comments. It’s also only been 4 days since I haven’t updated, I think you dolls are used to coming on every time with something new. I never even thought this blog would get more than 50 views and not having it be close to 50,000 is  amazing for me but I don’t take this seriously. I just have fun with it and write whatever I feel like and love to see the comments and viewers go up. It’s like an online journal for me and it’s nice to see people like to read what I have to say.


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