Thought of the day

Everyone that criticizes are jealous. You want to know a funny thing and the reason why I know that to be a fact? It’s because every time I criticize someone, it’s because I’m jealous; I want what they have or whatever it may be. I mean, if you really think about the times that you gossip and hate on people, it’s because they did something that stood out to you or that makes you insecure or that, somehow, projects whatever insecurity you have or illuminates it, makes you feel uncomfortable, so you talk bad about it. I’m not above being catty or talking shit, everybody does it – I only do it when I’m feeling insecure or jealous and that’s why everybody does it. So, if you really put it in perspective to your own behavior, it makes absolute sense. Girls do it, guys do it. Everyone does it, whatever they’re going through and it becomes meaner when they’re more insecure, when they don’t have anything going for them. The people who are following you and who respect you, who are probably the only people that matter or should matter, they have more respect for when you fall and you get back up and you try again.


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