Nails: OPI Nail Polish

I only use OPI nail polish. They always have a variety of colors more so than any other polish brand but best of all is it last longer than any other nail polish brand. Over the weekend I got my nails done and I decided on a different color than I normally go for which are all different shades of pink and purple! I went for blue but I couldn’t decide on which one so I did one nail with a lighter shade. I thought it was corny at first but lately I’ve noticed girls and celebs are having fun with their nails, to each nail finger a different color, animal prints, faces and so much more. I never put fake nails, I always get compliments on my nails because of thick they grow and they literally look fake sometimes when it’s painted on. I love it, one time I did fake nails and they ruined my nails and made them so soft like sand paper and they kept breaking and it took me a year to finally have it go back to the way it was!

This is my right hand; the color is OPI Nail Polish: No Room for The Blues. From OPI’s “Brights” collection made to coordinate with Paige Premium Denim.

On my left hand I have only one nail with a lighter shade and it’s OPI: What’s with the Cattitude and its from the Shrek collection. I’ve gotten lots of compliments so far!

Katey Perry is known to have fun not only with her fashion, music but even with her nails. Beyonce, Rihanna, Keri Hilson and Solange and so many others are loving MINX nails that lasts two weeks without chipping and can literally put whatever style you want.

My favorite so far has been Katey’s, check out a few Twit pics she sent out showing her fab nails off:

Check out this site where I found really nice colors:


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