Fashion: Boots!

I just ordered these two boots online at Macys. I hate going to the city and I get overwhelmed in Macys, you’re a kid in a candy store in that place! So I figured why not just get them online, I don’t have time to go shopping and go to the city with my schedule! Besides, if I don’t like them I can return them at any Macy’s department store. I love online shopping, but I really try not to do it as much  because once I start I can’t stop!

Remember my earlier posts about boots?!

What I got:

I got these BCBG over the knee boots. They were only $129.00! I can’t wear heels everyday because I need to be comfortable during my long days of school, work and commuting. I’m always on the go but these would be great to wear once every few weeks or so. Especially during winter when I’m going out with friends they’ll be dressy enough to wear without having to wear regular heels.

They look super cute hopefully they’ll be comfy!!

Of course I had to get flat boots! Those are by Chinese Laundry and they’re called Nitro boots, they are originally $100.00 but they were on sale for $50.00. They didn’t have it in leather so I got it in black suede. Those look super comfy and I’ll be able to wear them almost daily with leggings or jeans.

I’ll let you know when they come in how they fit and look. I got such a great dale, they had a boot sale online so I only spent $152.00!


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