Flop of the Week

Khloe, Khloe, Khloe! I give up with her. She hardly ever gets it right when it comes to the make up, the over the knee boots and the mini dresses! This mini zebra printed dress isn’t cute and it isn’t flattering and to make it worse she wears leggings and and high heeled over the knee leather boots. She always over does it with the make up, she puts too much blush and her hair is always down and looks the same.

She needs to have fun with fashion and change up her looks every now and then. Her signature looks has been over the knee boots with mini dresses, leggings and over sized tops, mini dresses with 6 inch heels, hair is always down either straight or wavy…boring, boring, boring!

I seriously wish I can giver her a style makeover, I would transform her whole look. I would literally change everything and hire a new hair stylist, make up artist and teach her how to pose on the red carpet! She is a very pretty girl and is the most favorite Kardashian but she makes herself look unattractive with how she presents herself.


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